Bows, Bags and Bits&Bobbles of Weaving

I have a Red Bow theme going on in my Shop this year.   They are decorating the door wreath, the wire mannequin by the front steps and directing shoppers to the 'Red Bow & Tinsel' Sale. 

For now the sale is 25% off...you know...that magic Christmas number.  Before the last days before Christmas...which will be Saturday the 22nd...all the 'Red Bow & Tinsel' tags will be 50% off...at least most of them...for sure the ones that are for Christmas. 

I've been collecting Christmas Gift Bags since the Thrift shops put them out.  It's amazing how many people donate them to GW, SA and others I shop usually once a week.  I only buy the ones that are that weeks half off tag or marked down and in excellent condition.

Of course I cleaned out my own collection of saved gift bags and added them to the thrift shopped ones.  Shoppers at my Studio Shop seem to really appreciate getting the bags with their purchases.  I'll continue this thrifty bag shopping throughout the year...for special occasions, holidays and birthdays.  Always see lots of Birthday Bags.

And now for Bits&Bobbles of Weaving!
I'm having sooooo much fun weaving on Dorothy...my table loom.  About 15 inches is as wide as the piece can be, but the length can be quite long depending on the warp...the white lines you see on this piece.  All of the horizontal bits and bobbles are called the weave.  This piece is about 14x16 and was made to finish off a 6 yard warp.  It will be a wall hanging when finished.  I have more bits and bobbles to embellish...probably will be an OverDoSue thingy!!


  1. Can't go wrong with red bows and bags....your work boggles my mind - so good

  2. Oh, I love your weave! So pretty!

  3. Your weaving is awesome. I love all the colors and textures. Glad you're enjoying it. Red bows..........always good.
    Traveling Suitcase

  4. I like that idea of recycled bags.


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