Make My Jig List

It's nearly Mid-November...in a few days...and for the first time in years of blogging, I did not start a month off on the first day of the month.   Sure glad I didn't declare back in January to be a daily poster which has often come to mind as each New Year begins.  I've for sure fallen short of even posting for half of the days of the month...most months of 2018.  Funny how blogging has changed for me over the last couple of years.  At one time, I rarely missed a day of at least checking in, reading on my blog list and posting more  often than not.  Now days...I rarely check in.  Poor blog, it's really taken a back seat to .... well, everything.  My apologies  blog list and readers.
What I've been doing is enticing, cajoling and pretty much pleading with folks to 'Make My Jig List'.  They do that by buying 'Handmade', and in order to do so, I have been making sure there are lots and lots of my 'Handmade' do be 'Jigging' over.  That's basically why I'm 12 days late in starting November blogging.
Here's a few pictures of what can get the 'Jigging' going...

Watch out Big Box Stores.
I'm on a 'Jig List' Roll.

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  1. getting jiggy with it. And with this cold spell rolling through, it's sweater, scarf, and hat weather NOW. Good luck. The holiday shopping jig is ramping up rapidly. Cheers!


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