LeButon Bracelets Bragging Rights

I'm on a November posting roll....3 in a row!  It's gotta be one of two things...one 'Guilt' and two 'Bragging Rights'...likely both.  So, let's start with Bragging Rights or a term I like better...'Back Patting'...without breaking my arm. 
Aren't these too cute?  I think the 'Tweens and Teens' will love them for an upgrade 'Friendship Bracelet'.  Remember those?  Notice the LeButon Bird Button from yesterdays Wordless Wednesday?  I found these buttons a few years ago on clearance and knew they would be good for a future project.  They worked out perfectly for my version of a video that popped up on my Facebook page.  I'll share it with you....
Click HERE to view video on Facebook
There...that takes care of 'Guilt'.


  1. two in a row, you are on a roll.......

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