Sue's She Shops OverDoSue MakeOver

We hear a lot about 'Boys and their toys.  You know...power tools, dream cars like Jags and Corvettes.  And how about all the hoopla about guys and their 'Man Caves'!

It's high time gals like me...Fiberistas...have 'She Caves'.  I'll call mine 'Sue's She Shop'.  Of course you know I talking about Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio14....which just this past week got a total OverDoSue Makeover!

Why?  I had to make room for a new to me Fiber Toy...a Leclerc Table Loom 4 Harness Dorothy model.  Naturally I'll name her Dorothy.  Adding Dorothy to Studio 14 resulted in this post on Facebook.

Studio 14 Makeover Mess! So, this is what happens when I get a new (to me) Fiber Toy...a Table Top Loom which is about 22" wide x 24" tall x 20" deep and sits on a table 20"x28". 

 Now you would think something that small would slip right in to my about 16ft x 20ft studio. Nope, it required a total move of every shelf, table, cabinet and rearrangement of nearly every skein of yarn, bolt of fabric and finished goods. 

It was all good though...the fiber dust bunnies, lint, dropped pins, buttons etc. accumulated over almost a year got swept and dusted. Tomorrow....the Reveal. Oh, and you will be able to get in the door. I think I need a Re-Grand Opening to celebrate my Table Top Loom...one more off my Fiber Bucket List. Now to find time to WEAVE!

The Reveals
Check out Counter left front. Yarn Blending and RagRug Supplies right front. Spinning and Weaving back left. Sewing center on back wall behind the Roving Bins.
 Reveal part 2...The Sales Floor Areas!!
Welcome...come on in...the AC is on and there is lots to see and do at Sue's Studio!
Yellow Tag Sale still going on for Aprons...you don't have to cook to wear one! Just sayin'. Lots of NEW Microwave Bowl Cozies...Found some great Texas Fabrics in my Stash. NO MORE TO HOT TO HANDLE bowls out of the Microwave. Always a good supply of these best sellers. Also have a rack of Yellow Tag Rag Rugs plus a good stock of new designs...always have a rug on the loom or on the hook.
I know it's still HOT, but I've been busy with knitting needles and crochet hooks
 getting ready for Fall and Winter....THINK COOL/COLD/GIFTS.
Do you Love Vintage...like me? I have a wonderful collection of Vintage Quilts....wall and bed sizes. I also make bags, pillows and more from vintage fabrics, crochet and embroidery. They will bring back sweet memories of mothers and grandmothers. 
So, Yes, I DO All that the sign says and sometimes have to stop and unwind by rewinding. 
 I always have plenty to go around!


Joanne said...

wow - you've been busy. Very nice new arrangements - very enticing for fall shoppers. The temps have to drop soon..maybe? Good luck with sales and projects

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What fun to re-arrange things. Makes it feel like new. Have fun weaving.


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