Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

The Chicken Farm Art Center!
*Here is Day 8 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from
Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
*For You and Yours...from one Bead, Button & Bauble Jewelry lover to another.
 I've tried to explain this 'love of beads, buttons and baubles'...but I got nothin'.
Well, maybe just this one thing....it started at a young age!
Here I am in 1955 wearing a leaning to the left Medallion Necklace and a shoved up the arm Bangle Bracelet.  I can just hear my Mom saying, "Sue, for Pete's Sake, stand up straight, you are slumping to the left, again."  That explains the leaning left necklace.  As for the bangle bracelet...it would have been a saddle oxford ornament had it not been pushed up nearly to my elbow.
On my Birthday...January 20, 1955...I was 8 years old.

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Joanne said...

very cute pic and fun story. It was all destiny


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