Antique Shop and Shop Girl Shots

In March 2012 I wandered into an antique shop with camera in hand in search of blogging inspiration.  Mind you, it wasn't until I scrolled across this photo that the date was remembered....thanks to the camera's date recorder and digital developing on the computer.  Although the camera is clunky and weighty in my bag, I still prefer it over my cell phone camera.  There is just no comparison when it comes to focus, zoom, lighting or lack there of, and composition. 

Among the photos taken then were several used in 2013 April AtoZ Challenge with my theme 'Fiction From Forgotten Fotos'.  Here are a few of my favorites and the stories they inspired.
After viewing these photos and re-reading the stories they inspired, I realize how much I miss going on photo shoots, writing stories and blogging more often than I have in the last couple of years.  Even though I am super busy since becoming a 'Shop Girl' this past February, I am hoping that after the Christmas Holidays my bag will once again feel the weight of my camera and I'll be dusting off my PC keyboard.  I think it will be my #1 New Years Resolution. 
March 2017...Shop Girl Shots!
Just wanted you to know that I'm not totally out of practice with my clunky, weighty camera. 


Joanne said...

Great eye for composition, color, and contrast. That clunky camera has a cool operator. Click!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Maybe if AtoZ brings back the linky list, will you join up again?

Sue McPeak said...

I liked The List, however, not having it was not the main reason I didn't participate this last April. I had just opened my shop and didn't have time. Also, I was out of ideas for a theme. So...my answer is maybe!

Sue McPeak said...

That's me 'Cool Operator'...thanks! Love my old clunky camera even with it's worn out battery case latch helped to make contact with a pony tail band doubled over the cover. I don't want to learn a new camera and digital processing. I'm getting old and set in my ways. LOL!


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