A Seamstress Story From 1851

"Yes, my dear ladies, it is true, your fingers will forever be prick free.  Your thimble a thing for your descendants to treasure, and mark my words, with this machine your stitching will be todays hi-fashions and tomorrows heirlooms."

 Pfffttt, what did I care about hi-fashion when my wardrobe consisted of this black sack, white pinafore and ridiculous hat.  The only likely heirloom would be this silver tray from which these 'dear ladies' are served pricked finger food.

By the end of the evening, the inventor and master salesman had orders for a half a dozen Singer Sewing Machines from mother's sewing circle friends.  Confession time.  The black sack dress, pinafore and hat was a bit of an exaggeration.  The 'Server/Maid' outfit was worn as a sample/example of 'Maid by Maude' seamstress shop modeled by me.  Maude is my mother whose pricked fingers stitch maid uniforms entirely by hand.  My own pricked fingers can hardly wait for the foot powered petal machine to arrive.
 Oh, and I lied...I do care about Hi-Fashion...I really do!
Maudie Sue
Apprentice Seamstress
On this day, August 12, 1851,
Sewing Machine Patent Model No 8,294
was issued to
Isaac M. Singer
Today, August 12, 2016, 165 years later....
...I am SEW thankful my great great grandmother was an
Apprentice Seamstress.
"Your thimble, a thing for your descendants to treasure...
your stitching tomorrows heirlooms." 
Spot on Isaac Singer!


  1. What a wonderful image of you! Happy Friday Sue ~

  2. excellent pic and neat salute to Singer machines

  3. This is a wonderful post-
    Thank you Sue for taking us back in time.

  4. I see thimbles in antique shops all the time. They are indeed collectible. My great-grandmother's Singer is in my "gene cave" serving as a table. Mine still has all its parts, including the last spool of thread.


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