Old Quilt and Old Lace Has New Life to Show and Tell

Pieces of this old quilt has been around since the 1930's, as some of it's fabrics are from that era's feed and flour sacks.  It probably was pieced during the 1940's, as some of it's fabrics are from that era.  It definitely has 100% old cotton batting as it is wadded and bunched within it's stitched blocks.  To say it is 'Scrappy' is an understatement...with it's Make Do and Mend...it's unraveled seams and torn binding.  You see, once upon a time it was tucked around a mattress supported with slats and wire springs. 

This old quilt was the focus of  Letter C in the 2013 AtoZ Challenge...Chisholm Trail Quilt.

The Armadillo Squad was gathered around Sudie and an old quilt...and I mean old as in frayed binding, worn thin calicos and clumped cotton batting that had settled within the quilted pieces after many washings and many days and nights of being tucked between bedsprings and mattress.  It was obvious that the quilt was special to Sudie, who was pointing out a block in the middle of the quilt, "This here block is stained with my Granddaddy Chaps blood." You could hear a pin drop as we all collectively uttered, "Oh my, Sudie, how did that happen?"  Sudie motioned for us all to have a seat as she settled in her chair with the tattered and blood stained quilt draped across her lap.   HERE is the rest of the story.

Now it has a New Life with New/Old Stories to Show and Tell.
I wonder if anyone will notice Sudie's Granddaddy Chap's blood stains hidden under the pocket and spattered here and there on the inside of the New/Old Bags! 
Yep, lots of 'Life Left to Show and Tell !!!


  1. that is way too darn authentic. Wow

    1. If only old quilts could talk...then I wouldn't have to make up stories about box springs and blood stains.

  2. I love that this quilt has an ongoing legacy - so many old, damaged things get thrown away rather than re-purposed. We need more talented restorers who want to put in the time and effort! Leanne @ cresting the hill

  3. I enjoyed your post as well as the one you linked to. I put a comment there as well. :)

    Old quilts are great. Just as with old houses, I wish that they could talk (although that would make them a bit creepy to cover up with!). Imagine all of the great stories, good and bad, they have hiding in their fibers!

    Have a blessed Mother's Day!


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