New Design MCMXLIX from Old Doily MCM to MMXV by ME

Back in 1969 this acrylic/resin 'DooDad' was a 'NEW' design and new material.  Still reveling in the 60's Hippie Color Culture of Flower Children and symbolism of  Peace and Wisdom, this piece embodies it all.  So taken with the newness of it all, the designers and production company of this line of everything from kitchen spoon rests to paper weights, forever dated themselves with the name New Design Inc. MCMXLIX.  I wonder if they anticipated how the Roman Numeral dating system would become obsolete with the  GenX and Millennial generations who would likely interpret MCMXLIX as a Rap Group or an Xbox Video Game.   Even 'Old School' me had to double check with Google...that's how out of practice you can get when you don't have to decipher Roman Numerals anymore.

With all that out of the way, let's get on with some of the Hippie Color Culture. I know your eyes are going 'WhaWhaWha' with the color combinations and textures in the background, so here's a full view....
Pretty Psychedelic, huh?  You should see it in person!  It has sparkling thread running through the blues, hot pink and red outer row.  I think I'll name it 'New Design MMXV-Old Doily MCM....after my great grandmother who made zillions of doilies in much the same design but with skinny string and itty bitty crochet hooks.

So, during this month of Thanks Giving...I am thankful to have...
 ~MMXV's yarns and hooks for materials. 
~Pinterest and Google for inspiration. 
 ~Facebook and ETSY for promoting. 
~Paypal and Square for payments,
The know how to decipher
MCM to 1900
MCMXLIX to 1969
MMXV to 2015.


  1. sparkling thread? I might have to consider taking up this craft........can't resist. Super colorful and fun. That brightens up a gray November afternoon.

  2. If it was a fish, instead of an owl, I'd say it was very 'age of Aquarius'. I remember all the owls, when I was growing up.

  3. I love those doilies. Of course, as a kid of the 60's, I was a Catholic school girl and dreamed of going to Woodstock! LOL! I do know one person that was actually there and she is AWESOME in my book! You have such a talent for all these terrific crafts and treasure creations. Keep up the beautiful work.Enjoy a wonderful week.

  4. Those colors are LOUD but I like 'em. If I put my feeble mind to it, I believe I could still figure out the Roman numerals.


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