What's In Your Laundry Basket?

By this time of the year, my 'Scrap Basket' is overflowing.  That is if I've been sewing.  And I have.

Does that sound like a good reason for not blogging?  It will have to do...it's all I've got.  Well, then there's...I've been gone...and, I've gone back to work...at a real J O B.

As before, it's part time.  As before, it's at the local fabric store, and as before, it's a den of iniquity temptation for a 'Recovering Fabriholic'.

I'm not taking any 'I won't buy more fabric' vows!  I know better than to make a liar out of myself.

So, what's in your laundry basket?  Silly question, I know, and I'm sure you have laundry in yours, where I have an overflow of unwashed....

What do I do with them?  I make 'Mug Rugs', pot holders, diddy bags, place mats, crazy quilt blocks, and so on. 

Those little things make great gifts, and who doesn't need pot holders.  My family stays well stocked with pot holders, and now that they make a heat resistant lining on the bolt, they are not just for hanging above the stove and looking pretty.  I like to see them being used, afterall they are washable and they are familiar with the laundry basket...the place of their origin.

Can you guess who's mug is going on the next 'Mug Rug'?


Cranberry Morning said...

What a great idea! Sounds like you're keeping busy with all those scraps. I need to get busy sewing pajamas for the little ones this Christmas!

Sue McPeak said...

I really do like making things from my scrap basket. It's kind of like getting something for nothing and keeping with tradition of 'Waste Not Want Not'. PJ's...always a welcomed gift for any age.

Joanne said...

I avoid fabric stores like the plague. I never liked sewing, but I admire those who do. Thus I enjoy your blog and your products. But I have to laugh at myself. I did girls math, if they'd sew my project for school - back in the days of home-ec. Enjoy the job and the scrap pile

Sue McPeak said...

I avoid MATH like the plague. I never liked math, but I admire those who do. So you and I would make a good team...me sew you calculate. LOL!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Those scraps are so pretty and you're sure to enjoy using them...mug rugs are the perfect solution. That and hand pocket warmers.

Wendy said...

If I were shopping for fabric, I'd want someone to assist me who has your eye for color and design. You'll be Employee of the Month every month, I'm sure. AND you'll get first look at new stock.

Sue McPeak said...

Aren't mug rugs fun and useful. I like that...and pocket warmers...thanks for that idea.

Sue McPeak said...

I would be happy to help you choose fabric anytime! I do that a lot for our customers and I do get the first look at the new cottons for quilters. That's my section of the store...hmmm...wonder why the boss put me there....LOL!


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