About Collecting and Family Collectors

Once again in the last few months, blogging has taken a back seat to....well, what can I say, but....everything else.  In October, the Sew Frazzle Frenzy got overdone, and now in November...well, y'all...I simply Fizzeled Out!  Yep, a screeching halt!  An 'I Am Shut' sign on the door and just below that sign another one...'Gone Fishin' Collectin'...Be Back Whenever.
So, today is 'Whenever', and believe it or not, my Sister now has MORE Collectibles than I do.  I am thinking I may have an 'AddOn' to this blog title.  CollectInTexas Gal&Sista!!!  What do you think, Sista?
Now you know where I have been 'Fishin' Collectin', and even though Sista recently downsized some of her collection, she still has a wealth of  wonderful stuff to share. 

Yep, this will be a welcomed change in CollectInTexas Gal....just what I needed for a fresh perspective.  Of course, I will mix in my usual 'OverDoSueness', the 4R's Bucket List, and my own 'All Over The Place Collections'. 

Also, the plan for the New Year 2015 is to get back to OUR Family History Blogs.  I say OUR since Tracks of My Georgia and Texas  Genealogy blogs are 'Sistas' family, too. 

Oh Yay!  This is going to be fun.  Thanks, Sista for the 'Inspiration'.

By the way, Y'all, this will be news to her, too.  She will be just as surprised by this new direction as you.   Let me tell you a little about how Sista collects.  She is a Thrifter...that runs in the family...she loves vintage...another familia thingy...she is Bohemian...a maternal ancestral trait, and she is an 'Earth Angel'.  Yes, she is a caretaker of our environment with the greenest thumb you will ever see, a love of gardening, plants, recycling and critters.

Three of her Critter Collection.

Did I tell you she is an Angel here on Earth?  Just like Our Mother was!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - it'll be great if you can work together in all the areas ... good luck and cheers Hilary

Joanne said...

very sweet post - aren't sisters great? I just got back from seeing my Dad in Philly. I sure wish his basement "collection" was vintage, but it's a lot of junk. We try to have him thin things out - it's not hoarder scary, but just crap crazy. It's a fine line Sue. We'll tell you if you go over the edge. Until then, I'll be reading and following. Take care


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