Black Sheep Sunday...They Called Him Blackie

My tried and true genealogy motto...DSL!
The DIG...Just when you think you've dug up the last bit of dirt info on a family member and pitched the shovel back in the shed, somebody throws a big clod at you....back to the shed!
The SHARE...through Tracks of My Ancestors just about everyone in my Family Tree has been DSL'ed...you know the 'Digital Subscription Line' kind that shares everything on the World Wide Web.  That included my Great Uncle Mert.
The LISTEN...You know everyone in the family called him Blackie.  He was considered the Black Sheep of the family.  Why he was always running off as a kid, and doing no telling what with no telling who.  It's no wonder he didn't marry until he was nearly 40 and then he practically robbed the cradle.   (from Mert's 88 year old niece-in-law)
 Great Uncle Mert...you rascal! 
Here you are with a feather in your cap, a gal on your arm and
dancing a jig with some of those 'no telling who's in no telling where'. 
What a life you had, Blackie!
Photo from O.C. Carroll Family Collection...Mert's brother. 
A result of Sharing on the www by way of a contact from another of Mert's great nieces,
and a newly discovered Cousin for me. 
I tell you, this Tracking of My Ancestors has been a great 'DSL' experience.


  1. I love it when ancestors "come to life" through their stories!

  2. I must get a feather for my cap! Cute photo! Happy Father's Day to Hi Honey!

  3. ohhh I love learning new things about my family too ! you are encouraging me to start a blog about my ancestors .....

  4. always great when you 'find' a new cousin!!! Happy DSL!

  5. Love the photo. (How did I get so far behind on my Sue blogs???)


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