Let It Snow In Texas!!!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas in Texas!
It Could Happen!
Maybe Even Tonight!
Probably not as much as in this
December Block of the Month!


Probably not as much as in December 2006!

CollectinTexas Gals Santas!

PostSanta...Do I have more? You Betcha!!! Ya'll Come Back for more HoHoHo!!!


  1. Yep it could happen as it often does in the Dallas area. Where are you in Texas. Your neighbors over here in Louisiana do not get as much snow as we do the yukkiest of all yuks.............the dreaded ice storms. Although we heard last night there is the slightest of possiblities of a snow this Friday. Hmmm might it be creeping over here from your way? I'll keep my fingers crossed for 'yall. BTW...Jackson is adorable. Keep warm, Mollye

  2. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    We live in a Santa house, too.

    I've missed you.

  3. Well Texas gal, it could happen. Last winter we had snow on the coastal south of NC!!! It actually accumulated on the palm trees and on the golf course! Didn't last long though and looked kinda weird. Oh well, we can still dream of a White Christmas! Love your Santas.

  4. Wet and cold here today! I don't think snow is in the forecast, but the hill country might get some. Your Santa figures are dear. Look forward to seeing more.....Sarah

  5. I want to see more Santas, too! The block is VERY cool! Can't you show us what you are making for Christmas? We won't tell!

  6. I'm hoping for some in my neck of the woods too!

  7. Charming santas. I hope you get your snow... it really does make the holidays more magical. Have a blessed day!


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