Flower Gardening~Popular Pandemic Project

Sue's Fiber Arts
July has been somewhat of a busy blur! 
My blogging time has been setting up and stocking my Online Shopping Venue.
I put off trying any kind of marketing after closing Sue's Fiber Arts Studio
at The Chicken Farm Art Center.
Finally, I got my Home Studios and Myself together and Got-Er-Done!
Here are July's Shopping Posts
Coming Soon to Sue's Fiber Arts Online Shopping Venue
Vintage Hankies, Lace and Doily Runners!
I've been reading and hearing that Flower Gardening
 has become the number one COVID19 stress reliving activity during this pandemic.
What fun I've been having digging in my Flower Garden Fabric Bins!


  1. I'm happy to see your store and masks back. I need to discuss with my son and husband, because husband lost his favorite mask a couple of weeks ago (he took it off and apparently dropped it somewhere). We've only worn ear loop masks and they do hurt your ears after a time. You may be hearing from me at your shop soon. Knowing you are in Texas all I can say is - please stay safe.

  2. I see you are keeping busy. Hope you are safe and healthy. We'll be in town in October (time to see our parents). It will be weird, not checking out the shops, since we'll need to take extra care. I miss shopping, and visiting my antique and thrift stores. I just can't take the chance, since I'm a home health caregiver.


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