Autum Blending, Spinning and Looming

Autumn is quickly becoming one of my favorite seasons!  Summer used to be!  I'm over Summer...whew, it's been such a long hot one!  During the last week of August I began sorting through fabric strip bins, yarn bins and roving bins pulling out Fall colors.  So, now I am definitely in the OverDoSue Fall Mode. 

I'm hoping for orders on the Autumn Boreal Rolags.  I spun and plied them as an example of how beautiful they work up into yarn.  I think the Spinners who are going to be my 'Guest Artists' for October's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm are going to love these fall colors.

How's this for screaming Autumn?  This LibbyLula Loomed Rag Rug Runner sold while it was still on the Loom.  When it was finished the buyer came right over and picked it up and promptly took it home and set up her Fall Ya'll table...take a look...
I think this might be a good time to repeat my Announcement for Ordering a Custom Made Runner!
These rugs are woven in an ancient technique called 'Twining'.
Made with cotton fabric strips that are braided across the loom warp.
Examples and Details for Custom Made Rugs


Joanne said...

lovely fall colors and great tablescape. I am happy for this hint of fall - slightly cooler, a breeze that actually feels like a breeze. And I love the colors. Aaah!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pretty rugs. Glad you haven't washed away.

Pom Pom said...

YOU are a clever and crafty gal, Sue!

Sandy said...

Me again waving hello as I'm going backward on your blog. Perfect fall colors, you are right on the mark. I need to find my fall placemats for the dining room table.
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