Sachets...A Vintage Aromatherapy

For most of April I have been making the most of what seems like another 'OverDoSue' collection of old lace, embroidered dresser scarves, bits and pieces of crochet and cutter quilt scraps.  I am motivated by having a place to display and market the things made from these handmade and once perhaps treasured needle works.

No question that the baskets, tubs and boxes are over done collections, but what fun rummaging through and deciding how this piece or that scrap will be remade and repurposed in to something entirely different from what it once was.  I hope the original needle worker approves...even when taking scissors to a piece that once took hours of patient stitching.

Making 'Sachets' has been a two times new item for me.  First, by stitching small embroidered pieces in to pouches with backings and or linings of organdy and adding lace, ribbon and buttons for trim and hangers.  Secondly, making the sachet filling from my own rose bushes and a pound of organic dried lavender.  Do you know how much lavender is in a pound...lots!  Have you ever dried huge rose petals...once dried they are one fourth their bloomed size.  It takes lots of rose petals to make a batch of aromatic rose and lavender filling, and a few drops of rose scented oil.

As much fun as they are to make, the Sachets are even more fun to display.  Finding creative ways to display them is a challenge.  Space is a big consideration and expense another.  These lace and organdy sachets make the most of the space this hand towel stand has to offer and as a $2.99 Goodwill find...well, it's affordable.  Don't you love the organdy yoyo's and rose buttons?  And Oh...they smell so wonderful.
You know...we all need a little 'Vintage Aromatherapy' once in awhile! 


  1. I love embroidered dresser scarves. Saving bits and pieces of old scarves that otherwise would be unusable due to holes and tears is a tribute to those who made them.

  2. Not only do you lure folks with bright displays for the eyes, you lead them by the nose. Brilliant!

  3. Sew pretty! I should figure out how to dry the lavender on my bush.

  4. I have a friend makes me sachetsa.
    Coffee is on

  5. Love your sachets! I remember back when every lady kept one in her undergarment drawer.
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