Modella and Maneykin~Best Apron Sales Girls Ever

I was planning on SELLING my stash of Apron appropriate fabrics.  You know those with a kitchen theme...like forks and spoons or egg baskets and what's better than Roosters....ah...nothing.  I had 4 Aprons left from my 2013-2015 Apronista Attacks...posts HERE and HERE and HERE.  My plan was for those 4 leftovers to be inspirations for folks to buy my leftover fabrics and make their own Aprons.
I spent several hours last Thursday in Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio setting up the display.  I even went through Freebie Patterns to go with the purchase of Apron Fabric.  And I was willing to part with...sell...my one copy of 'A Is for Apron'. 
The whole 'Make Your Own Apron' thing was a total flop!

Every customer that walked through the door headed straight for 'Modella'.  There she is in her lime green shirt and Lucky Shamrock Apron and wearing nothing else.  I swear she is my best sales girl.  Her and her Irish brogue!  She used that Irish charm on a customer visiting Texas from Canada and before I knew it he had her apron-less and was giving her his name and asking for her number.  O'Connell was his name and that apron was for his sweet daughter Colleen.

Before I could get Modella re-Aproned, another apron lover was stripping down Modella's sister Maneykin.  I had barely gotten her covered with the pink pillow slip and that cute pink ruffled apron with the blue ties.

 I was pointing out the Apron fabrics, patterns and book to this lady, but NOOOOO she wasn't interested in MAKING an Apron.

So there stood Maneykin in nothing but her pink pillow slip and me....well, 
I was swiping with Square and my 29% Irish eyes were smiling!


  1. Drag out those apron patterns and get to sewing, Sister!

    1. LOL!!! I'm on it!!! Gathered up most of those Kitcheny fabrics and Lucky Charms and headed straight to the sewing machine. Been 'Shakin My Shamrocks' and stitchin away!

  2. excellent model and one size fits all. Glad she could sell without too much blarney. Fun!


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