Booth Aftermath and KnitWitWeaving!

I know what you are thinking...and Yeeeesssss...my studio does look like a it has been 'Yarn Bombed'!  That's because it had and did...right up until I walked out with a box full of 'Neck Warmers and Fingerless Gloves' at 8 am Saturday morning.  Guess what?  The 'Yarn Fairy' did not come and rewind or restore order while I was out peddling my YarnWares.  Nope, apparently she figured even her wand was not up to the challenge. 

All in all, I'm almost glad the Yarn Fairy's wand was not up to the task.  Otherwise I might not have found the shrug pattern I used as a basis for the ones I made for the October First Saturday Show.

I'm going to need it!  The Shrugs were a big HIT...sold all but one!  The Autum Poncho I made just to see how it would be received flew off of Modela in the first hour.  I could have sold it three or four times over. 

Guess what's next on my needles?  Right...Shrugs and Ponchos!

Also sold some Cowls and Neck Warmers.  Might have sold more if I had thought to take ice pack liners.  I did think to take my camera, but was so busy peddling my 'Warm Wear Wares' I didn't get a chance to take not one picture.  Wow, it was my best day ever at The Chicken Farm Art Centers First Saturday Sale.

Once again, I have just as much, if not more fun playing with scraps and mixing fibers!
I'm going to call this 'KnitWitWeaving'!


  1. Get busy! I think it is hard to make shrugs look good because of their near-shapeless shape, but they looked gorgeous in your photos last week. Models earned her pay!

  2. wow - success. Guess the "cool" weather break and just the idea of October inspired folks to buy your wares. Lovely work and colors. Good luck on whipping up more


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