Minnie's Memorabilia from the 'Bottom Dresser Drawer'

As a way of sharing the memorabilia and history of Minnie Plate Klemish with her descendants, I am relying on several 21st Century medias.  All of which Minnie would say, "What will they think of next."  Born in 1892 to German immigrant parents, in her lifetime of 99 years, Minnie was a witness to perhaps the greatest and most significant changes of the 20th Century.

Thanks to her daughter Thelma's cameras, photo albums, scrapbooks, memory and 'Bottom Dresser Drawer', Minnie's Memorabilia is shared with both of their descendants.  From Thelma's scrapbook, the original 1908 photo of Minnie at age 16.  Minnie and Thelma gifted each other hankies for many occasions by including them in cards and letters. 

From Thelma's 'Bottom Dresser Drawer', Minnie's Bible, Crown and Cross Pin and miniature Lords Supper picture, were treasures given to her on Minnie's death in 1992.  The Bible was Minnie and Joseph's Family Bible from the date of their marriage in 1913.  Now 103 years old, the Bible is quite fragile, not only from age, but from many years of dedicated reading and recording family births, marriages and deaths. 

Also saved in the 'Bottom Dresser Drawer' were some of Minnie's personal belongings including a small wooden box.  In the box were a small hand mirror, two watches and several devotional cards.  Lastly, from the 'Bottom Dresser Drawer' was Joseph Thomas' shaving mug.

Joseph's shaving mug is quite unique in that the inner cup is a tin measuring cup that once measured sugar and other ingredients most likely from Minnie's kitchen.  The cup holder is made of brass and is quite reminiscent of Russian or Turkish coffee holders.  It too, once had a handle which kept the filigreed rim and barrel body together, but now is gapped to accommodate the tin measuring cup.

It is possible the decorative holder once belonged to Joseph's father and grandfather who were immigrants from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.  No question about the origin of the brush as it still has it's 'Made In USA' signature on the bottom.  It is a Pure Badger Ever Ready 300PBT lathering brush.  Made by the American Safety Razor Company and introduced in 1915, Joseph's brush was likely paired with a cake of shaving soap made by Safetee Soap Corporation, a subsidiary of  American Safety Razor Company.

Just in case you are wondering, the 'Bottom Dresser Drawer' and the dresser it occupies is a treasured Family Furniture Heirloom and along with it's matching 'Chest of Drawers' has more of Minnie's Memorabilia to share.  Who knew a 'Bottom Dresser Drawer' could reveal so much family history.
It is truly a 'Treasure Chest'!


  1. Minnie sure sound like she lived a full life, and thanks for sharing.

    Coffee is on

  2. very rich stories from treasured objects. Very cool that you have so much history

  3. Oh I love the bottom drawer. What sweet mementos and stories. I especially like that they sent each other hankies in a card. You know nobody does that anymore!

  4. Minnie was born the same year as my Grandmother. Love the memories her pieces evoke about her life.

  5. What wonderful treasures! Your posts always inspire me with ideas to do for my own family. Thank you!

    Have a blessed week. :)


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