I Recycle Vieux Denim...Le Faites Vous?

Haute...pronounced 'ot'...is defined as fashionably elegant or high-class.  It's a French word and often paired with another French fashion word Couture...pronounced 'catore'. 

I know a few words in French...oui which is pronounced yep in Texan.  The opposite of oui...non which is nope in the Lone Star State.  One of my favorites...Paris...also a place in Texas.  So, it's no wonder I am drawn to publications that have French titles like Haute Handbags and Altered Couture.

Of course the words Handmade and Altered are key words, too.  I am especially interested when the cover photo and featured titles include 'DENIM'...the 'Hi-Fashion Fabric' of Texas.  Here in Texas we pronounce it 'den-um', 'wraaang-lars', or jeans.

One last French word...recycler. Oui, it is pronounced the same in Texan...just drop the 'r'.  Okay, now a few words about denim in French.

"Je recycle vieux denim.  Le faites vous?"
"I recycle old denim.  Do you?
Of course you do...recycle old jeans....and you probably collect and repurpose denim, too.  My 'Repurpose/Recycle Jeans Stash' is stacked a mile high, occupies several ToteTubs and spare parts fill bow-coo bins and baskets...merci beaucoup!  I never turn them down when offered...any and all sizes and in any condition.  Ever so often I buy a new pair, but for the most part, I wear the ones I have had for years...they are broke in. 

 Lately, I have been on a 'Bag Making Binge', and decided I needed some 'Haute Couture' inspiration.  The result is a series of small bags made from my recycle/repurpose jeans stash.  This group of bags makes use of the front and back pocket sections which are cut away from the zipper and side seams.  The waist band is removed with a seam ripper to expose the raw, frayed edge of the waist.  A little fringing, machine embroidery, rick rack and star studs give this bag a Cowgirl theme, and the pink chevron lining adds that Hi-Fashion look that is so Trendy today.
The cost of this TexHaute Bag....pronounced Louis Vuitton in French...was 'quatre-vingt dix-neuf cents'....Texlation ninety-nine cents.  Oui, 99 cents for a pink belt that is now a star studded strap. 
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  1. I love the 'Cowgirl at Heart' on the jeans. I'll be driving thru Paris (Texas) next week. Maybe I'll spout some French (or maybe just some Texan).

    1. Oui, we Texas Gals do take our jeans to heart! I knew you'd know about Paris...Texas!

  2. Mais Oui! I can't quite recycle denim - I find it a challenge. But I adore it when others do!

    1. Those of us who do...appreciate and count on those of you who don't, to love and buy our recycled denim. Thanks for visiting from Pink Saturday.


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