My Left Wildfoote

I really intended to become a Left and Right Foot Sock Knitter, I swear on my Skeins of Left-Over Skeins of Wildfoote. I should include all the 'Sock Yarns' I have purchased with the best intentions of making a 'PAIR' of Socks in that 'I Swearing'.

Now that I have fessed up to owning an over stock of sock yarn yardage and finally admitted that I am never,  ever going to knit socks in my lifetime or the shelf life time of said yarn, I am free of the guilt and embarrassment of SSS....Second Sock Syndrome.  Actually that should be First and Second Sock Syndrome, although, I have made several Onesies.  Even wore them...to bed.

This post should really be posted on 'OverstockSockScarfSweaterUnameItYarn.com'. 
Ridiculous, Sue!!!! 
Buuuuuut, I have a plan!  It's called Purge and Paybacks!
On Saturday, March 1st, I am marching right over to 'The Chicken Farm' and having an
 Egg Yarn/Fabric/Stuff Sale. 
Keep your Left Wildefoots crossed that
Texas Mother Nature doesn't Cluck Mess Things Up with a Blue Norther!


  1. That looks like a wonderful place. Next time I visit San Angelo I will try to make it a first saturday. Good luck on selling your yarn.

  2. Cute post! I'll be hoping mother nature is kind to you and that a blue norther doesn't suddenly appear! I've got so much yarn, I could make a few throws, easy! Problem, I only make scarves and that is not easy!

  3. You're so funny with your SSS.


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