Comforting Crochet~WIP Wednesday

As creature of comfort, there are several things that I gravitate toward to ensure my creature comforts.  
~Shoes and Socks....you understand this if you have ever worn high heels for eight hours, stood in front of a classroom full of Jr. High kids, spent half of your life in a gym on hard wood floors, broken and/or sprained both ankles, big toe, stuck your said ankle, toe/foot in a bucket of ice water, and have bunions.
~Relaxed Fit Stretch/Plain Jane Jeans...again, you get this if in the 60's you sat in a tub of hot water in your Levi's until they shrunk several sizes smaller than your epidermis.  After which you wore them while they dried and until they would stand alone when peeled off your body.  If that was not your skinny jean era, then you might be a 'Designer Jeans Gal', when it was any bodies GUESS as to how they figured a tall girl with no butt and no defined waist could fit into those hourglass waists, hippo hips, a wedgie crotch and 'SitOn Pockets' with forked studs and wire stitching.

Enough about the physical dis-comforts!  Now for the Spiritual comfort!

When I first learned to crochet, it was not comforting.  I've posted about those early years of doily disasters, skinny thread, and hooks the size of pinheads.  It was so not Comforting that I gave it up for many years until the Age of Aquarius Era called for Granny Square Ponchos, Vests and Afghans.  Oh, for the smell and feel of a skein of RedHeart acrylic...what a blessing to my life as a 'Free Spirited Hooker'...J Hook was my favorite and still is today.
In my 'Golden Crochet Years'...they call it that because one can better afford 'Real Sheep Yarn'...as I was saying these days, I find great comfort in being a 'Square Granny'er'.  It's so familiar, simple, adapts to all kinds of projects and yarns.  In the last few years it has made a big comeback in the Crochet World with Pinterest Crocheters giving Granny Makeovers with a Modern Flair! 

This current Work In Progress was started with the thought it would comfort the person it is being made for.  That's what 'Prayer Shawl's are meant to be...a comfort to infuse healing, good thoughts and prayers of protection...all thoughtfully worked into every stitch.  Like I said, that was my intention from the first chain 4, slip stitch in chain to form a circle.

Instead....it has infused healing,  warmed my heart, lifted my spirits, and protected my soul with every stitch. 
I am so 'Granny Square Comforted',
what a blessing to my 'Golden Age Creature Comfort Spirit and Soul'. 
Life Is Good!
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  1. Aw, that's such a nice crochet compliment. Smart.

  2. Crocheting can be very relaxing. I finally finished a shawl that took me forever to make. Love the shawl, but did not enjoy using the Homespun yarn for that.


  3. You just can't know how much this makes me smile. To imagine something bringing you so much comfort when attempting it would make me pull my hair out. Some of us have got it, and some of us don't. I definitely ended up in the don't got it line. hahaha

  4. Mt granddaughters and I just purchased yarn today for a prayer shawl. I explained the concept to them and asked them to help me choose a color that would be appropriate. They chose a wonderful soft purple yarn and I began crocheting this afternoon. My dear friend just found out that her ovarian cancer has returned. Hoping a shawl will help her through surgery and chemo for the second time.

  5. well said....yes, they can be very comforting.

  6. I agree about the shoes and jeans. I remember having to lay on the bed to get mine zipped. Enjoy your 'comfort' now.


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