Barbara Willis SIGNED Pot...Who Knew?

 Once upon a time, I was a Potter!
The kind that played in clay all day!
I discovered clay in college as a requirement to get a degree in Art Education.
Before I knew it...Clay REQUIRED a Pottery Studio for Sue!
So, I imersed myself in the world of Clay, Glaze, Kiln, Wheel, Tools, and ALL things POTTERY!
Including Collecting Pottery!
That's how I came to have this 'Funky Pot' in my collection! 
I found it at a 'Thrift Shop' before Thrift Shopping was Cool...
sounds like a Country Song, huh?
It kind of 'Spoke' to me, although I wasn't into the color YELLOW, I was into Handmade,
Crackle/Raku Glaze, Underglaze Design and SIGNED.

Barbara Willis!  Never heard of her!  But, I liked the pot and bought it for a 'Song'...seriously...I wailed a tune about being a 'Starving Artist' and walked away with this cracked glazed, scratched bottom, puke yellow pot for under FiveBucks!

It sat around the house and collected dust for years.  I even tried to sell it in one of my Juntique Booths...touting it as a SIGNED piece.  Noooobooody bought it!  I guess I'm the only person who liked cracked glaze, scratched bottom, puke yellow pots!!!

So, back to gathering dust....until last year!!!  While surfing TheNet I saw this same 'Bird' on another Pot in a much more pleasing 'White Crackle' color being touted as SIGNED by Barbara Willis, 'Mother of Modern Ceramics'.

Here are a few Links about Barbara Willis Abbott.
Surely, my 'Puke Yellow Pot' is PRICELESS!!!!


  1. Surely, you do have a priceless piece~~~who knew. Puke Yellow Pot LOL. Fun entry.
    Now I have to check out ms. Willis

  2. Good thing you didn't sell it earlier. I like the pot and think the color has finally found its year.

  3. Never heard of Barbara but the pot is lovely and I like the color.

  4. wow, that's pretty amazing!!

    love the blog, new follower!



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