A Thankful...Thoughtful...Thinkin' Thanksgiving Day

Tis The Time for All Good TexasGals....

...to build a Fire and THINK about getting out the Tree, the Lights, the Santa Collection, the Ornaments, the Christmas Quilts, and all the rest of the Christmas Stuff!

That's what I did today...THOUGHT about IT!

HiHoney, bless his heart, did build a nice Fire while we watched the Dallas Cowboys play their Traditional Thanksgiving Day Football Game.

It was a Thoughtful Game...First half, I Thought they were out of it.  Second half, They Thought they had it WON until...
...Cowboys fumbled at the end of a 47-yard reception, giving the Saints the ball at their own 11-yard line.

Saints took only 68 seconds to drive 89 yards on five plays for a 12-yard TD pass. The Cowboys couldn't convert their final possession, which ended with a missed a 59-yard field-goal attempt.  Final score....Cowboys 27...Saints 30.

I don't know what to THINK about the Cowboys this year.   So I'll THINK about what's next on my Christmas ToDo List.  How about Christmas Cards, Sue.  You could get started on those!

 Nope, I THINK I'll go Decorate CollectInTexas Gal. 
 So, THAT IS What I Did!

This is CollectInTexas Gals Second Christmas in BlogLand, and I haven't decided what my Christmas Blog Theme will be yet.

Thankgoodness for Christmas 2009 Photo Archives....I THOUGHT they worked out just fine for starting Christmas 2010! 


  1. You are ahead of me then. I haven't really given it much thought. I do know I plan to start tomorrow putting all the fall/thanksgiving decor away and bringing up Christmas. But I'm ready to let the fun in blog land begin.

  2. Yikes - you jump-started my heart with that header....I have to wait for December 1st - it's our family tradition. Your afternoon by the fire, being thoughtful about football, was cute.

  3. we don't start Christmas till Dec 1st either...your post is making me get excited to start..

  4. Sorry about the Cowboys. We turned it off (some friends stopped by) with over 3 minutes left and I hoped they'd win. Sad.
    I'm sure you'll have all the joyful Christmas trimmings festooning the house very soon. Can't wait to see! LOVE!
    Praying for you and S's family this holiday season.

  5. I'll be thinking about decorating for about another 2 weeks. Told you all I had a short attention span. I can't seem to handle all the stuff til around the 15th or I'll have it all back in the boxes before the 25th. Looks like your photos from last year are lovely. Gets me excited to see this years. Yours not mine...lol..

  6. I have a new artificial tree but no orns out yet. The garage is overflowing with boxes from the move. Two cars and none inside! Hee Hee! But eventually it will all come together. Tonight I wish to relax from the crazy busy work week! Anne


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