A to Z Collecting...Art To Zippers

A Good Place to Start....Art.
Not all ArtInTexas is about Texas, Heavens No!
There's Flower Art...like Tyler Roses, the Hill Country BlueBonnets and West Texas Flowering Prickly Pear.

There's Landscape and Seascape Art...like the Corpus Christi Coast Line, the Piney Woods Trees and Rolling Hills, and the Stunning SunSets of West Texas.
That's pretty much all about Texas..Isn't It?
Let me Re-Phrase.
When in Texas...What you See is What You Paint, Sculpt, Throw (as in Pottery) and Collect.

Not All Art in Texas is About Cowboys and Indians.
Some is About the Abstraction of Cowboys and Indians...Acrylic on Canvas 
by This Girl Raised In Texas.
  Collection of GRIT.

Indian Pottery and Mexican Chilies Oil on Canvas..by GRIT...Collection of GRIT
WildFlower Web Watercolor...by GRIT...Collection of GRIT

As An Artist In Texas, I can tell you that 'What You See In Texas' to Paint, Sculpt, Throw and collect is a 
Wide Open Range.

Collecting Texas Art, for GRIT, has been a Here and There process.
While I was Here....I Painted and Potted and collected other Texas Artists work.
While I was There....I collected Photographs,Paintings, Pottery, Business Cards and Whatever just because I was Interested.

Through 'CollectIn Texas Gal', I'll be sharing experiences in The ABC's of Collecting and Creating/Re-Creating everything from Art to Zippers.

A Good Place to End...Zippers.
Zippers...GRIT collection...Looking for Some???


  1. love it! great new site!

  2. Zippers! You are funny! Of course you have a good eye for Texas art. I wish my husband appreciated all my junk! (o;

  3. Anonymous8/27/2009

    makes me want to go to the antique, thrift, and junk stores . maybe we can get together soon and do that. i miss your "good eye". a fun site. bh


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