AtoZ Letter H...My HEART Belongs to Needlework

I feel in love with  'Needle and Thread' at age six.  I remember it vividly....sitting next to my Mother as she sewed my clothes on a Singer Treadle Machine.  My stitches were far from perfect, but to me they were the means to my dream end...the SEWING MACHINE.  It was the most fascinating and magical  machine with the rhythm of the treadle pedal, the hum of the wheel, and the stitching of the fabric as it flowed through the feed dogs.
The Heart of my sewing machine collection is Mother's old Treadle Singer and my first very own machine...a 1965 Kenmore from my parents on my 18th birthday.  My first stitches on the Singer were made while sitting in Mother's lap.  She worked the treadle pedal and guided my hands as I stitched doll clothes.    In between sewing doll clothes, I graduated to aprons then to blouses and before she knew it, I had taken over Mother's electric Singer and sewed clothes for myself and my younger sisters.  Doll clothes stayed on my sewing project list through my sisters Barbie's and then my granddaughters Barbie Dolls.  Several years ago, my long lost walking doll, Sarah Jane, came back in my life and doll clothes are once again on my sewing table.
As a six year old, I surely must have said...
"When I'm a grown-up woman,
With my hair up on my head,
I'll sit and sew 'til very late
And never go to bed!"
And I do!  It's what happens...When Mothers Let Us Sew!


  1. Lovely stitch work. I even attempted needlepoint of some sort as a kid. I remember that round thing that clamped in the work. Mine would always bust open. Even then I was ill fated for sewing. But your work is gorgeous. Happy Saturday!

  2. I did a lot of cross-stitching when my girls were little, and I did French hand-sewing. Loved that. Also my mom and I smocked dresses, but that darn smocking machine that gathered the fabric was a bear, constantly jamming.

  3. My mother did such wonderful hand sewing until rheumatoid arthritis stilled her hands. I was never good at it. I failed (yes, failed) sewing class in home ec back in the 1960's. I've wished for the talent. You do beautiful work. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. Pinned that cute cross stitch!
    I had a 25-year hiatus from sewing - after sewing my pregnancy clothes, I moved into painting. Glad to be back to sewing and quilting - it is something you never forget how to do.

  5. What a great story! I have fond memories of my great-grandmother's treadle sewing machine. I never got to sew on it and got in big trouble for messing with it, but what child can resist that huge pedal and the whir that came from pressing it? I loved it! Spanking from Mama or not, I *had* to press that pedal. :) I am hoping to have my own treadle machine some day.

    I really need to get back into sewing. I haven't done it in years, not since my babies were little. Those were the days!

    Thanks for yet another great post. Have a blessed weekend. :)

  6. Love your Singer 66 red eye machine, and your purple Kenmore. I wish I had been interested in sewing when I was young.

  7. I still have my mom singer sewing machine she got in early 60's. Actual it a better machine then the kenmore I believe which was bought in early 80's
    I remember making aprons for all of my Aunts, dad sister back in Michigan.
    Coffee is on...http://peppylady.blogspot.com/

  8. Sue, I love your display of your machines. My Mom had a Sears and oh my was it heavy! Was at a antique store and a needlepoint caught my eye..the same one I did when I was 10 for my Grandma. I have mine hanging in my guest room.

  9. That's so cute! You always have the best stories about things :) I only learned to sew a couple years ago, but I am learning steadily! Made my first skirt about a year and a half ago, and have made a couple little things for my niece and nephew.


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