Fill Your Years With Life...

...Not Your Life With Years!

Welcome to my world.  Won't you come on in?
Miracles I guess, still happen now and then.
Step into my Heart.  Leave your cares behind.
Welcome to my world...built with you in mind.

Knock and the door will open.  Seek and you will find.
Ask and you'll be given the key to this world of mine.
I'll be waiting here with my arms unfurled.
Waiting just for you.
Welcome to my world.


  1. Beautiful for today Sue. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Perfect for a beautiful Sunday.
    Is there anything prettier than a white steeple peeking through the trees?
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  3. Sue what a beautiful verse today,. It is a favorite of my phamily. My Sweets has a picture of Christ knocking on the door and this is the verse I always relate to that photo. He has carried that with him since we was a teen! You made me smile here! :) Anne


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