January Time Capsule Closing

Here it is the last day of January.  Time to wrap up, put up and close up all things collected and connected to January.  Enclosed in this January Time Capsule are posts from the first January's blogging back in 2010 through today, January 31, 2016.  So for posterity....let's begin with Calendar Collections.

 Todays post will be Post # 1099.  I can't explain what prompted me to check on that 'Stat' other than to say...Hello Crystal Ball.  You'll get the jest of that by reviewing these 2016 January posts...
Now, it's time to wrap up this post with a list of my Favorite January Posts.
January 2010
January 2011
January 2012
January 2013
January 2014
January 2015
January Time Capsule...Closed!


  1. Lots of January joy!!!

  2. Yep, it was a 'Jammin' January...as you said it would be back on January 1st.


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