Sue To The Rescue of Sunbonnet Sue

Sunbonnet Sue is one of the most recognized Quilt Patterns of all times. 
So, you would be right in thinking that this Quilting Gal named Sue would be a Collector of all things Sunbonnet Sue.  Yep, I have Sunbonnet Sue plates, patterns, books, fabric, needlepoint, embroidery, and on and on.  I could probably post into next year and still not cover all of the Sue's in my collection.  Over the years, I've rescued a number of Sue's.  The one I'm showing today is my favorite 'Sue Rescues'.

She was a Filthy Rotten Quilt!
Found in the TRASH...can you believe anyone would THROW away a Sunbonnet Sue Quilt or any quilt for that matter.  So it was Sue to the Rescue!!!  The fabrics were 1930's Feedsacks with the Sue's appliqued on muslin that was very fragile.  The sashing and alternate blocks were rotten beyond saving.  So, I cut out the Sue's as close to their bonnets and dresses as possible and alternated them with the 1930's Reproduction Fabric Heart Blocks. 

The ReDoRescue Sue hangs in my Quilt Bedroom.
The buttons that decorate each Sue's Bonnet and the Heart Blocks are from my 1930's Button Collection. 
A perfect way to display them...don't you think?




  1. What a lovely quilt; I'm glad you rescued it. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving, Sue.

  2. I would not have thought of rescuing it that way! One day I will make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt! I'm pinning this to my Sunbonnet Sue board!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. Good for you for saving her.

  4. Sunbonnet Sue is one of the happiest quilt patterns ever, and one of my favorites. You've done her up so pretty by saving the good bits and mixing them with the alternating hearts. It's so nice to give another life to these older quilts.

  5. Love Sunbonnet Sue Pattern!

  6. Really enjoyed your quilt post. That is one thing i\I DEARLY LOVE. I HAVE SEVERAL OLD AND NEW. I have three Sunbonnet Sue quilts. Each one is different color. Love them.

  7. What a rescuer you are!!You made her look gorgeous. Thanks for your visit today to my R for Rural, so peaceful to go on a trip and enjoy seeing LOTS of family.

  8. Oh great Blue post. And thanks for the rescue!
    I have to hang out awhile. I am a neighbor. Gotta see just where in Texas you are and read your sewing story. Are we sisters?
    Have a Blessed Week and Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I'm so glad you rescued that quilt! My Grandmother made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my older daughter, and I love it! Sue is definitely a popular gal!

  10. What a wonderful rescue and re-do! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your encouraging words about quilting! :) I have visited here before and you are quite talented so that means alot to me! :)

  11. What a charming blend of your favorite things - quilts, vintage fabric, buttons, and Sunbonnet Sue. This turned out so well. What is your secret for mixing colors and patterns so that you don't end up with a big mess?

  12. Hubby's grandmother loved making Sunbonnet Sue quilts. We have some of her quilts, thank goodness. They are cherished.


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