Love Is...Being A Couple!!!

We were a Couple...of Caricatures...back in 1965!

Back then we were a Couple of Newly Weds!

We've changed 'Hats' many times in 45 years, but the 'Smiles' stay the same and Love Is Still Being A Couple!

We have been so Blessed...More than a Couple of Times!

The 25th Anniversary Acorn Dining Table is set for our Anniversary Dinner on December 27th.

Our Wedding/Marriage Story? 
It's kind of a Hoot, and I've Blogged About It a Couple of Times!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both and I loved your photos. Keep smiling. Hugs, Donnie

  2. Oh Sue Sweetie...
    Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful share and your table is absolutely gorgeous. Yes changing hats with our love, isn't that the best of all?

    Congratulations sweetie, and I love the photos you shared. The one with the little guy, oh how precious is that one?

    Tony and I will be celebrating our 35th in Jan. I don't know where the time has gone. So many hats shared too over the years.

    Have a gorgeous day tomorrow. I hope you do something really fun. Many hugs sweet one and SO much love, Sherry

  3. You guys are cutie pies! Happy happy anniversary!

  4. I love your wedding! I think you two are the most original couple to dash away and get hitched across the border! It is so romantic. You have fared well all these wonderful years. May God richly bless you for many more. I your anniversary is spectacular, just like you! Love and Hugs Anne

  5. A belated very Happy Anniversary to you both. My parents would have been married sixty years of the twenty-seventh. It is a good day.


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