J is for Jackson and Joke

Hi Ya'll...I'm Jackson!
My Nana could hardly wait for The Letter J so she could show off me and my Two Front Teeth!
My Nana tickles my feet to make me laugh and show my Two Front Teeth. 
 I have two more on the bottom, but they don't show until she tells a really funny Joke....like this one...

Santa Goes To Texas

Santa Claus needed a vacation.
He decided to go to Texas because it was warm and he had heard that the people were friendly.
As soon as he arrived in town, people began to point and say,
 “Look!The big red one! Isn’t he someone famous?
Santa thought, “Gee, I’ll never get any rest if people start asking to sit on my lap and try to tell me things they want.”
So he decided to disguise himself.
He bought a cowboy outfit complete with cowboy boots and cowboy hat.
“No one will know me now, I look just like everyone else!” he thought happily.
As soon as Santa started walking down the street people began to point and say,
“Look! It’s that famous Christmas personality!”
Santa rushed around a corner to hide.
“It’s my beard!” he thought. “They recognize me because of my long white beard!”
So Santa went to a barber shop and had his beard shaved off.
“I really look like everybody else now!” Santa thought.
So he walked down the street with a big smile on his face.
Suddenly a man shouted, “It’s him! It’s him! Look everybody!”
Santa couldn’t believe it. He was sure that no one would recognizehim.
So Santa walked up to the man and said, “How did you recognize me?”
The man looked at Santa and said, “You? I don’t know you, but
isn’t that four-legged guy with the big red nose behind you Rudolph?”

I really laughed at this one!  Did you show off your Two Front Teeth, too?
Another Letter J Name is Jenny! 
I don't know Jenny, but my Nana does, and she wanted me to say...
Thanks Jenny for...

....and for More of the
Letter J


  1. now that's a great J post...loved the joke...only in Texas...

  2. Love the joke and Jackson is a cutie.

  3. Hi Jackson . My name starts with J too . What a handsome little fella you are and nana must be proud of you .

  4. Haha. That is funny. Love it!!! And Jackson is so cute!

  5. Anonymous12/02/2010

    Cute photo of Jackson. I can almost hear his laughter.


  6. Great joke. Jackson is getting so big and love his new teeth. I can see why he laughs at that joke too.

  7. Jackson is beautiful. Love the teeth. The joke is such fun.

  8. Oh my! Jackson is quite a cutie patootie!!
    funny joke, too : )

  9. heehee

    Jackson is pretty cool.


  10. Jackson, your nana is very blessed to have a fellow as handsome and smart as you. I think she tells funny jokes, too.

  11. Cute joke, and an even cuter grandbaby!

  12. Jackson is sooooo cute!!

  13. Great J post! What a cutie :)

  14. The joke is great, but that Jackson is just adorable! Love this.

  15. That's a good one! And Jackson is precious!~Ames

  16. I need that baby! I feel the urgent need to squish an adorable, cute, two front-teethed little one!

    What a sweet, sweet post.

    And I loved your little story.

    Such a joyous and jubilant stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    Really precious.



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