Stop HERE and Smell My Roses

What do you suppose happened this Fall and Winter that would make the
Four Bush Rose Garden produce these Amazing March Blooms?

Just look at them....don't touch or smell yet...I'm saving that for last!
I mean, the Roses have Bloomed before the GRASS is even all greened out!

I was afraid Ya'll might not believe that they came from My Four Bush Rose Garden,
so I've photographed them with my Geraniums and Peppers and the Four TomatoBush Garden!

And with the FourBush Rose Garden and my laundry in the background!
I know that's Believeable since Ya'll know from experience that on
somedays I don't know if I'm washin' or hangin' out!
It was a beautiful day....so I was doin' both!

Okay...Go ahead!


  1. wow they are beautiful...and so early....love the smell...I love laundry hung out on the line...I wish I had a laundry line again....may just have to talk hubby in to it...

  2. Oh how I would love to spend an afternoon in your TEXAS garden sippin some sweet tea and laughing up a storm about some kind of junk shop story while smelling the flowers and listening to birds... yup that sounds so nice!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! My roses have started blooming too. It'll be a few days before they are ready to be cut. My mother was just telling me yesterday she's surprised they bloomed so fast and especially before a nice rain. Maybe it was something with our unusually cold Texas winter. Anyway, your roses are gorgeous!! Love, love, love them!

  4. My Knock-Out roses are blooming, but they don't look OR SMELL as pretty as yours!!!

  5. Oh, you are silly and I believe cut out of the same "stock" as me perhaps. 'Cause I can SEE the vase!!!


  6. Beautiful roses! Mine have been blooming for a few weeks too. We ripped out the shrubs in the flower beds and started over with 15 rose bushes. They have all bloomed at the same time. Just love them. judy

  7. Beautiful roses! and they smell wonderful!

  8. They are just beautiful but either my scratcher or my sniffer didn't work...lol..

  9. Hi Sue, what beautiful roses..I would like to get some planted, it's almost too late here for this year, though..I miss having a rose garden..and by the way, they smell wonderful, lol! Have a great day!


  10. Oh my Sue those are beautiful. No roses here yet! Gosh everything looks pretty out your way!

  11. Oh my goodness - they are heart-stopping! We will be a good two months before we see roses here.

  12. The roses are beautiful. I've notice some lovely roses in the neighborhood when I walking the dog. Must be a good year for roses. Love yours.

  13. Hi Sue,
    If I could grow roses as beautiful as yours, then I would be one happy gal! Beautiful.


  14. After my father passed away and before the old home was sold, I dug up a rose that my mother planted and brought it with me. I think it is in the wrong place because I've only had one bloom on it in 6 years. Still it hangs on. Her blooms were the size of a bread plate. All I can say is you must have a very green thumb!~Ames

  15. They are so pretty, Sue. Our roses are getting shoots, but they are far from blooming yet.

  16. Oh my gosh, the beautiful weather I can see you have looks wonderful in itself, but the roses too?.. Everything looks beautiful, Sue! It's still so cold up here, with snow still on the ground, and possibly MORE on the way on Friday! Oh for the love of... How my heart sinks when I hear this! When, oh WHEN will Spring EVER come?! Love the scratch-n-sniff! I do at least have some very pretty fresh-cut wild flowers on my window sill, that are holding up nicely! Someone by the name of "Guess Who" left them for me at church, and I STILL don't know WHO it was! ha! ha!.. Oh well, I'm just hoping, in the meantime, that maybe I can get some flower seeds to grow in my dining room window.. We'll see! My green thumb is a very light and pale shade of green! ~tina

  17. Anonymous3/30/2011

    So glad to visit you today! For some reason I thought you had given up your blog... I saw a comment you left on Carol's blog at Serendipity and was like... well, THERE SHE IS!! Nice to visit you once again.


  18. I saw your thumbnail photo on Back 2 Vintage's sidebar and had to stop over. Those are gorgeous. I'm in Ohio so I won't be seeing roses for a few months. The scratch and sniff isn't working on my computer though -lol!

  19. A rose expert! I need to talk with you. Of cpurse, you live where the weather is much better, I am still waiting for more snow! :LOL!

    Beautiful roses! I am closing my eyes and smelling the beautiful fragarance. Anne


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