Criteria for Picking Plants on A Budget

Dear Sue,
If you can EatIt or WearIt you can BuyIt!

Dear HiHoney,
If I BuyIt...PlantIt...WaterIt...PickIt...CookIt...and You Can't EatIt
You FerSure
Will WearIt!
Love Ya,

PS...I hope you like PINK!

Hello Pinkies,
     It's Plant Picking Time!  As you just read in the note from HiHoney, I'm on a budget with
Two Main Criteria for Picking Plants. 
Phffffffttt!  EatIt or WearIt!!! 
Won't he be surprised  when I fix Pink Geranium Jello, Pink Geraniums are floating in his TexasTea 
and Pink Petunias are sewin in his CamoCap!

Seriously Ya'll, Geraniums are Edible!
And I quote....
 Scented Geraniums (Pleargonium species) The flower flavor generally corresponds to the variety. For example, a lemon-scented geranium would have lemon-scented flowers. They come in fragrances from citrus and spice to fruits and flowers, and usually in colors of pinks and pastels. Sprinkle them over desserts and in refreshing drinks or freeze in ice cubes.

I've been having a Garden Planting Party this Week! 
In fact, if you want one of my Party Favors just pop into the Post below this one and get you a couple!
I was telling everyone at the Party that I went to Lowe's Garden Center for the Party Favors
 and tried really hard to Pick Plants that Fit HiHoney's Criteria!
I really wanted to get The BeeBuzzin Bush but I just wasn't sure if it was in the
 Budget or fit either one of the Two Criteria.
However, now that I think about it, if the Bee came with the Bush I might could start 
 HiHoney A HoneyHive.
That's definately Edible!  I'll have to put that Bee in his Bonnet CamoCap!

I couldn't find Petunias on the List of Edible Flowers/Plants, but I Bought a Bunch anyway!
They are absolutely one of my Favorite Flowers for Baskets and besides,
HiHoney's Budget Criteria's are for these guys....

Beverly's Pink Saturday at How Tweet Sweet The Sound
Here's The PinkyLinky List
Happy Pink and Green Pink Saturday, Ya'll!


  1. lol...where there's a will there's a way....especially when it comes to plants...great post...

  2. Woderful plants, wonderful pinks and greens and I love the images of the birds and the bees :o)
    Hugs from Austria Traude

  3. Great photos - I can't wait until I can get my hands in the garden again! I will definitely be gardening on a budget!


  4. You got it! I was going to say hey if they aren't poisonous....

    So glad the birds are teaching their friends where the perch is and boundary lines are for the yard. Hi Honey might end up eating crow, and I mean the real deal!

  5. G'morn Sue ~
    Love LOVE those geraniums, my plants I always bring for the winter to replant ... they are so gorgeous.

    And, the gathering of your 'friends' on the fence post is darling ... they just need a spot of tea to greet the day.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  6. Sue you are so darn cute! I am always smiling when I stop over. Thanks for your sweet comment, I love having you as a friend! Have a wonderful weekend and I L O V E the plants you chose! Happy Pink Saturday and St. Paddy's Day! Love and Hugs Anne

  7. Too cute and pretty entries for today. Happy Pink Saturday.

  8. That was so cute and I'm looking forward to seeing if you actually serve him any of the edible ones.

  9. Too funny Sue! Lovin' all of your great pics, happy planting:@)

  10. Sue, loving those pinkies, especially the geraniums. Geraniums have been a favorites since I was a child. Just love the scent and the gorgeous colors. I've just in recent years started growing them in my garden urns with great success. Brought a flat home from Loew's this week. Now I need to get them planted.
    Have a beautiful weekend. ~ sarah

  11. Your notes were too cute! I love the pink and green! Great photos as always!

  12. I love pinks and you really showered us with pretty ones today. I have been told pink is the color I should wear, but have very few. I tend to stay with the basic colors. That picture on my blog today is not my yard. It is one I saw just driving around.

  13. Hi Sue I went on a shopping spree today with my cousin. Not for flowers but for bargains. My cousin Marilyn is a five star shopper. We started at 10;00 AM and arrived home at nearly five. Sigh!

    Your post is very cute today and your photos are wonderful. Pretty plants and do you really eat them? We are still have a freeze at night. The only plants we can put in the ground or pots are pansies. You CAN eat pansies. Smile. Love your post and you made me chuckle a few times. Thank you for the fun!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  14. gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. and squirrels LOVE geraniums and pansys and tomatoes and grapefruit and avacado's. but i did not know we could eat those pretty flowers.

  15. Buying a plant that comes with a bee sounds perfect to me!!
    A something extra is always welcome.
    I don't think I have ever smelled geraniums and now am on the out look.......leading with my nose.
    Happy Pink Saturday sweetheart and please forgive the tardiness, Char

  16. How funny! I must admit that I intend to buy flowers before I am greeted by the price tags. I can't bring myself to spend so much! I shall wait until May but could HiHoney think up a good buying criteria for me, too?

  17. Happy Pink and Green Saturday, sweet Sue.

    I want to come over and play with you. The blooms and your photos are gorgeous. We still have about a month to wait until we begin planting. I can hardly wait.

  18. Such beautiful flowers!! Can't wait until we are able to plant them here in Pa. and not be afraid of frost but that is still 2 months off.



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