Spring Sneezey Season...Hanky Time!

Uh Oh!  Here comes the Spring Sneezey Season.
While we are all celebrating the emergence of Spring...there are a few SideEffects to consider.
The Emergence of Allergies.

We happily greet the Birds, Bees and Blooms, but at the same time, some of us grab our
 Hankies for the SideEffects...Snotty Sneezes.


No Siree....No Blowin' On These Vintage Hankies!

Thank goodnes for Tissue Hankies.


  1. What fun to see your hankie collection. My mother always had a box of pretty hankies. Fond memories! ~ Sarah

  2. Pretty hankies Sue, lovin' the one with the red poppies! Allergies are bad already, hope they pass quickly:@)

  3. Ooooooo, ahhhhhhh soooo pretty! I love old hankies My grandma had some beauties. I think they are really pretty frames over a bed.

    I think as a fellow Texas gal you will love today's post!

  4. Your hankies are so pretty! I love the small collection I have! No snotty nose blows on them for sure! Me and my tissues are not far apart these days.

  5. I passed all my gradmother's hankies down to my daughter. We used to wear them pinned inside our slips with our lunch money and tithes.~Ames

  6. Oh I just love your blog. I have a few hankies I found in a yard sale with the box and all. It is in my post today. I wanted say I love your dish rag post. I just relearned to knit and I am having such a good time making cotton dish rags for myself and everyone else I know. It's great to sit in the evening watching tv and knitting.
    I check in to see what you are doing every time you have a new post, but sometimes I don't comment.

  7. I use real hankies all the time except if I have a cold. Then out come the Puffs. Those are beautiful.


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