With These Hands ~ Focus on Photography

With These Hands
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 Gina Knits

Gretchen Purls

We Knit and Purl

I Knit Three ~ Purl Three

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  1. Beautiful picture. I used to knit...need to get back to it!

  2. Sue,

    Ordered more books on glass. I am finishing up my organizing and then I am going knit and sew!!! And blog. Great pictures.

    Wish I had a group to knit with - more fun.


  3. Great shots! I love yarn and needles. I like to see how people hold their tools.
    Thank you for the dear comment, Sue! I heart you so much!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Makes me wish I knew more than the basics of knitting!

  5. Anonymous1/12/2011

    Beautiful photos, Sue!

    I took a page from your "book" and published a photography post, a few minutes ago, featuring J's photography, circa 1990's, at our old home place (the farm).

    Thanks so much for inspiring me.

  6. I'm taking some crochet lessons Friday so i can do it right instead of everything getting bigger as I go up. Knitting is next. I need to learn correctly so I have more confidence reading and doing a pattern. Love your photos.

  7. I always wanted to learn how to knit! I can crochet but can't knit.

    I also wanted to tell you how much I love your photgraphy. There wasn't a comment button so I could tell you that I saw the photograph of the old Baptist Church that you took and I fell in love with it. I'd love to have that hanging on my wall!! I am Baptist and that photograph speaks to my heart! I have been enjoying the photo's of Texas too!~Ames

  8. Love the pictures ~ and wish I could knit!
    I found you over at Pat's-Back Porch Musings.

  9. Great hands!! Love the photos!

  10. Super pix, there's nothing finer than to sit & knit or sew & chat with a friend or two.

  11. I love to watch someone knit - especially if it's done in a way different than I knit.

  12. Love the photos. I don't know how to knit but I can crochet. I learned how to crochet when I was in sixth grade. That's many years ago. I still every now and then make an afghan. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,

  13. Wonderful and interesting. I love Wednesday because I find so many great posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post.

  14. Anonymous1/12/2011

    Hi Sue! OH, I wish I could knit! I can crochet but never learned to knit! Waa!! So many beautiful things can be knitted!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Okay, I know I am always terribly late. I know, but I always tell myself better late than never.

    So ... I'm browsing around your recent posts - loving each one and always impressed and inspired by you.

    But, what? No pink? Be still my heart.♥

  16. Hi Sue, beautiful pictures:) I knit and crochet, simple things..I have a knit scarf I need to finish before summer strikes again..thanks for sharing..


  17. Anonymous1/12/2011

    Gorgeous photos!!! Absolutely beautiful!! I never could get the hang of knitting..I felt like I was all thumbs. :)

  18. No knitting talent for me either! But my sister-in-law Cheri,. who is left handed like me can knit up a storm! She is amazing. I also have a good friend Kathy O who knits too. I have many beautiful baby blankets and such. SO many lovely memories when I come here you seem to always make me smile! Anne


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