The 'Crabby' Birthday Luncheon

Did I say 'Crabby'?  I meant to say 'Happy' Birthday Luncheon!
I don't know why my keyboard makes such crappy awful unforgiveable spelling mistakes. 
 I never was a good speller, but I figured for as Smart as my PC is Touted ToBe, it should be able to know what I meant to Say/Spell!
I'll start OVER...The Happy Birthday Luncheon!!!

Starting off with Crab Cheese Spread and Crackers...followed by this Gorgeous and Delicious Spring Salad with Vinergarette Dressing and Blue Cheese.

I probably shouldn't say this, but the Spring Salad was full of Weeds!  I am an advertureous Salad eater, and I didn't want to show my Texas IceBurg/GreenLeaf/Spinach Salad Limitation Knowledge, so I ate the Weeds...and Ya'll they were really Good and I hope Good For Me!  Thank-you Gretchen for the most Beautiful and Tastiest Bunch of Weeds I ever ate!  

The Main Dish or as 'The New Joy of Cooking' says...The Entree'...Crustless Crab Quiche!
OMGosh, if you haven't had this Delicious Dish, you must try it sometime! 
I haven't checked to see if the recipe is in 'The New Joy of Cooking', but my Crab Quiche Cooker, SusanB has her own 'Joyous' Recipe that I bet she will share.  What am I saying....why would I make it when she will make it for me!  Wasn't that sweet of her to make it for my Birthday?  Thank you SusanB. 

DaDa!  My famous 'Drop Biscuts'....Really they are famous throughout Blogland.
The post...'The Joy of Cooking and Serving Drop Biscuts'...has climbed to #Two in the STATS Most Popular Posts! 
It's within less than 100 page views to Top #One...Collectin' Chicken Scratch
 Maybe some of Ya'll will check out the Drop Biscuts post ... I'm thinkin' I'd rather be known in Blogland for Droppin' Biscuts rather than Scratchin' Chickens!

And NOW....The Dessert...HeathBar and Pecan CookieBars with Valentine Tea!
I have to tell you about the Valentine Tea....it's Chocolate Flavored! 
I'm a Newbie Tea Drinker with my Wednesday Knitting FourSome, and they have been trying to convince me that TeaCups and TeaPots are for more than Collecting.  I've found that I like my Tea like I like my HiHoney...Strong and Sweet! 

As for the Cookie Bars...OMGosh, they were SooooGood and SoGood ForME!  Yep, they were made with Wheat and Gluten Free Flour, so I could eat at least as many that fit on the top plate of the Tidbit Tray!  Thanks Gina and Happy January Birthday to you, too!

Here we are, The Wednesday Knit FourSome!
LtoR...Gretchen, Susan, Gina and Me!
We really did get some knitting done and if you would like to hop on over to my other Blog,
you can see more of the Luncheon and our 2011 Sweater Challenge Posts.


  1. Happy Birthday and the food looks fabulous you 'crabby' thing you!!

  2. Great post! It was a yummy birthday luncheon.
    I enjoyed it!

  3. Happy Birthday, my friend! That luncheon looks delicious. You captured some amazing images of the food. ~ Sarah

  4. You watch a lot of Square pants sponge bob, where he says a lot of crabby.

    Your last photo reminds me of many years ago, I was just revisiting that era. My friends and I were in the church service committee, and we were always knitting when we had our meeting.

  5. Happy Birthday Sue! Everything looks so delicious. You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. I love eating weeds too! :)~Ames

  6. Oh man, oh man, oh MAN!!! I wish I knew YOUR friends and they were fixing a birthday luncheon for ME!!! Yes, I did just say that in spite of sounding egotistical.

    I gotta tell you - - - EVERY SINGLE DISH of this luncheon looks TO DIE FOR good. And after some photos I've seen tonight on a couple of other blogs - - - main dishes that looked like they were spewed onto a plate - - - I am really THRILLED to see THESE yummy looking pictures!!!

    Ya'll must ROCK down there in Texas!

  7. Oh my goodness!! That crab quiche looks delicious. My husband was passing by as I was looking at your post and said, "My God, what is that? It looks so good. See, THAT'S what you should be cooking!" I can't wait to try it. Was it difficult? It looks like you have wonderful friends to spend time with and make memories with! How very special! I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  8. Anonymous1/30/2011

    It all looks yummy delicious girlie and looks like you had a great time!!! :) Wait....teacups and teapots are for more than just collecting??? :)

  9. Good morning Sue, this luncheon is beautiful and I know it was delicious. Smile. Happy birthday to the January luncheon gals.

    Love all the photos and especially the knitting bunch. I may have to learn to knit. I SHOULD learn how to quilt first though!!!

    Now I want to eat weeds. HA!
    Love ya, Jeanne

  10. you girls do have fun don't you...

  11. Looks like a fun luncheon and such delicious food. Glad you decided to eat the weeds. They are good for you!

  12. It sounds like a perfect luncheon - Happy Birthday!

  13. It looks and sounds wonderful. Everyone loves you as much as we do.♥♥♥

  14. Your birthday looks wonderful with such delightful friends and tasty food to keep you company. HB a bit late. Anne


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