This Weeks ONE and ONLY...Post

Really, Ya'll....I know it's hard to believe after last months All Out CramItIn TwoHundred or Bust Posting. 

Then I Challenge myself to Conserve Blog Time and Space in 2011 by The Ole' DoubleUp on Meme Posts.  So far, that's worked pretty well.  Yep, I've Spent Twice The Time and Taken Twice The Space.  I call that the biggest UnConserving Effort Ever!

Now, I'm here to Pop a One and Only Post on Ya'll.  So here Goes and here's Why!

I'm going to be GONE.  I mean really Gone Out of Town, Out of Pocket and Out of Computer Contact!

 OMOne and Only how will I ever make it without my Computer!  Actually, I just won't be able to Pop on the PC to Post and Comment.  I still have my PHONE...Whew!

I am going to miss.....
Mosaic Monday
TableTop Tuesday
Junkin Finds Friday
Pink Saturday

However, I absolutely CanNot ruin my Perfect Attendance at Alphabe-Thursday

So....One and Only is for the Letter O!!!


  1. Have a safe trip and hope it's for fun.

  2. Have a very safe trip, Sue. We'll miss you!

  3. Hope you have fun!! Gosh away from my computer? not sure I can...now that is an addiction. See you when you return! Hugs, Linda

  4. Have a great trip, we'll all be here when you get back! You're doing better with the letter "O" than I am so far:@)

  5. We will miss you Sue! Hope you won't be AWOL too long! Where ever you go, what ever you do, keep on taking those awesome photographs! Have a safe trip, God's speed! Hugs!~ Ames

  6. Well I am going to miss you. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

  7. Sue, travel safely and have a great time. No, one can't ruin a perfect attendance record. ~ Sarah

  8. Have a great time! I'll be there'll be some great posts when you get back.

  9. Anonymous1/17/2011

    We'll miss you but have fun!! I tried out your Rosebud Napkin fold last night....love it!!! Have a super week girlie!!

  10. Anonymous1/17/2011

    Enjoy your time away, Sue!

    Until I bought my lap top, two years ago, I was without computer every trip to the lake. No laptop and no access there, until two years ago. Sometimes we were there a week and sometimes a few days. I didn't miss the computer when I was away...but O'Boy, life after laptop. I should discipline myself to go without computer, once in awhile.

  11. Make it memorable! Safe travel, Sue. See you when you return!

  12. Have a wonderful time! I hope you will do the knit blog next week or when you come back. I am working on organizing knitting and can't get it done for tomorrow.


  13. Gives me the shivers just thinking about being out of "aircard" range....

  14. I hope your trip is for fun. Travel safely.

  15. Oh I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  16. HOpe you're enjoying your time away from the computer and the blog.

  17. Enjoy being unplugged for a while!

  18. Be sure to take lots of pictures!!!

  19. Have fun Missy!

  20. enjoy your time away

  21. Love your blog...have enjoyed reading some back posts....Happy Sunday

  22. You are so outrageously adorable.

    I hope you are going somewhere good. You didn't say it was a vacation so I hope it's not surgery or something icky like that!


    Thanks for linking this week...even though I'm worried about you now...it's my nature, darn it!

    You always make me smile!



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