The New Joyous Eggplant Challenge

The New Joy of Cooking Challenge has me contemplating a variety of recipes that have not been on My Menus before. 
 For instance Eggplant Parmigiana or Rolled Stuffed Eggplant or Caponata Eggplant Relish or maybe even Ratatouille. 
Now let me tell ya, the only thing I know about Ratatouille is a Rat Mouse Movie.

I'm leaning toward the Caponata Eggplant Relish just so I can use the latest piece to my Fitz and Floyd Collection.  
Which just happened to be the inspiration for the Acorn Dining Table Centerpiece.

In addition to the Eggplant Server, some Out of Town Thriftin' netted the white platter, salad plates and candle sticks.

As well as the Green Candle Holders made by Roselane Pottery of California.  They were originally sold as a set of three pieces with the third piece being a 'Console Bowl'.  I found a complete set on Ebay in Pink and White with the bowl having the pottery marks and Foils...one of mine has a Foil Sticker.  The complete set on Ebay has a BuyNow price of $45.  My two candle holders were found at an Antique Shop and were priced at $25 with Booth Closing Sale of 75 percent off....got em for $5.00.

Now about The Joy of Eggplant Cooking!
Since my OneWordGoal for the New Year is Challenge...I'm going to go with the Challenge of  Cooking and Serving Ratatouille. 
 The New Joy says it is a nice vegetable melange (huh) served warm with lamb or chicken or as a vegetarian entree with saffron rice. 
I see a Bunch of Innovations happening with this one! 


  1. Okay...I was so excited about my invitation to some Joy of Cooking meals at your house, but gonna have to pass on the eggplant creations! The dishes are beautiful, but the taste of eggplant, not so much. Good Luck and I will come the week you cook you cook potatoes...ha!

  2. I love your pretty eggplant dish! And my favorite eggplant dish is eggplant parm! My mother in law makes it and it is delicious! ♥

  3. I love Ratatouille, it's great over rice! I promise myself at least one batch a year with veggies out of the garden! Have fun:@)

  4. Hi Sue,
    I love all of your wonderful serving pieces. Enjoy your egg plant recipes.


  5. Ooh I love eggplant parmigiana. It's so easy to make. You should try it. Ummm the tart of the eggplant and the sweetness of the tomato sauce. Served up with a piece of crusty cheese bread. Oh I making myself hungry! I dip my eggplant in apple cider vinegar, then egg, then bread crumbs and fry it before layering it in the pan of sauce and cheeze. It takes some of the bitterness out of it.

    Love the Fitz and Floyd eggplant tureen. Hey I think that white platter matches my cake plate. You can just send it right over! :D And those candle stick holders, I don't think I've ever seen any like them. Don't you just love a bargain! Some people are afraid to shop antique stores. I never pay full price in an antique store. Lovely finds Sue!~Ames

  6. I love all the eggplant dishes. So unusual. Everything looks great.

  7. Hi Sue, I haven't forgotten my favorite bloggers, I have been in Florida for two weeks all together. Christmas week and a week in January. Lot of busy times at Christmas and our grandson's wedding this past weekend. It is good to be back and catching up. I posted part one of our grandson's wedding today. It was a wonderful time with our grands and children. It was mostly family because it was only about 100 people.

    I too love eggplant very much. Your centerpiece is very eggplant beautiful. Your table is lovely and I love your thrifty purchase too. Being thrifty is my passion. I feel so accomplished when I get a good bargain. Smile.
    Happy eggplant cooking.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. You continue to set a wonderful and inspiring table. You must also have the pantry we all crave to have so many delicious pieces in one household. Your green candle holders and the delicate eggplant are outstanding. My dream, your space.

  9. I love eggplant - even the pottery variety!

  10. Love that F&F eggplant dish. Those green candle holders were such a great find! Your table looks lovely. Good luck with your eggplant cooking! laurie

  11. I like your post today! Sue you are such a thrifty shopper and you set a lovely table. I like all the pretty pieces you have here. Plus I love eggplant! I have a recipe for a greaqt soup with eggplant that is super low calorie and so yumy and filling! Hugs Anne


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