Going Going Gone On Green Glass

Going Green is A Big Deal these days!
Being Green is Politically Collector-lly Correct!
At least for this Collector of Green Glass!

n a recent Out of Town Thriftin Trip, I scored on a number of Green Glass pieces including Two Diamond Point Stem Water Glasses.  Indiana Glass Company produced this timeless pattern in crystal, crystal w/ruby stain, blue satin, black, yellow, teal, blue, amber, electric blue, carnival and milk glass and my favorite green.

In the same Out of Town GoodWill Store, were Two Sherbert Dishes. 
If they look familiar, it's because Linda showed the ones she found this week, too. 
I'm using them for Candles in a Tablescape that will air tomorrow for Pink Saturday.
Putting Pink and Green together....Collector-lly Correct!

All in all it was a Good Goodwill Shopping Trip.  The Green Glass pieces were 75 cents each with everyone being in absolutely MINT condition.  The Diamond Point Stems are listed for $6 and a comparable Footed Sherbert lists for $5. 
I'm happy to add them to my collection of mix and match Gone On Green Glassware!

Linking to Linda's Junkin Finds Friday!


  1. It looks so pretty, Sue. And, you are quite collectorly correct.

    See you later alligator.♥

  2. Lovely tablescapes! Are you going to share the "rosebud" napkin-folding technique????

  3. They go perfect together. Great score Sue!~Ames

  4. Anonymous1/14/2011

    Hi Sue! Oh, my, it's wonderful being green! Love your glasses and how you've set your table!! And look at your folding of those pink napkins - gorgeous!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. Sue I wish I had found two of the green sherberts, but I'm convinced I will find another one someday. I think my black stem is just like your diamond point stem! Wow and thanks for the great info as to the pattern. I have some(I think) with a ruby stain around the top...I'll have to look closer. Looking forward to your tablescape tomorrow. Thanks for joining JFF! Hugs, Linda

  6. Gorgeous green(ery). Love the table Sue and the napkins.

  7. Hi Sue! Your green glass is very pretty and it goes beautifully with your china...isn't that Desert Rose or Franciscan or something like that? Very attractive.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, too. Come visit any time! Susan

  8. Sue,

    Great idea for knitting linky! I will plan on participating. Maybe that will get me going on these projects. Tea caddy sounds wonderful.

    Going "antiquing" tomorrow.


  9. Woo Hoo - Happy for you!

    Hey sounds like a rhyme to me:) I just crack myself up!! They look fab!


  10. They are really beautiful. I love the depth of the green color.

  11. Love 'em Sue! I have one in milk glass that matches your glasses! Looking forward to the tablescape:@)

  12. I really like how you paired the green glasses with those pretty pink dishes-a good combination!

  13. Wow, love your green glass. . . very beautiful. Oh, I love colored glass wear, I am always on the looks for it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wonderful idea and yours are well done. They sure make a table setting pretty and pink. These paper towels I use will never look like this.

  15. Great finds! I love the water glasses.
    Your table is lovely. It makes me think of spring. Can you tell I am tired of winter,lol.

  16. Those gorgeous green glass goblets look perfect with your Desert Rose! I have those dishes too... we have a lot in common girlfriend!

  17. Anonymous1/15/2011

    Gorgeous!!! My mom collected goblets and my grandmother collected the Desert Rose!!! This post is beautiful!!! (and I think you have me wanting to collect some water goblets now) as if I needed another addiction.....ha ha!! :)


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