Valentine Box

Remember making Valentine Boxes for school out of a shoebox or Kleenex box?  I always loved going through my Mom's sewing stuff for pretty laces and buttons and cutting out construction paper hearts.  Those years of making Valentine Boxes came to mind when my grandson mentioned making a Valentine Box this year.
So, through my bags, boxes and drawers I went to gather everything to make a Valentine Box for a 3rd grader.  As you know, I do have lots of STUFF and lots of 'OverDoSue' trims, buttons, lace, fabrics etc. etc.....so excited to get to use them for yet another Valentine Box.  When all was said and glue gun done....here's his 2019 Valentine Box....
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I remember more doing valentine bags in school

  2. he's lucky to have all the goods to work with. Very clever.
    Happy Valentine's


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