Here's My Totem Sign

The hanging sign at Studio 15 is eye catching...that's for sure.  However, for most shoppers FIBER doesn't relate/register as something they want or need...like broccoli.  FABRIC is a little more self explanatory, yet again, un-relatable unless you are a 'Material Girl'. 
I'm hoping the 'Totem Sign' clears up any misconceptions folks may have about FIBER&FABRIC. 
No broccoli served here!


Pom Pom said...

So, is your shop at your house? How cute! I love your sign.

Sue McPeak said...

My shop is at a local Art Center called the Chicken Farm Art Center. There are 17 permanent Studio Artists and once a month on the First Saturday of the month the grounds are filled with Vendors in Tents, Tables etc. I was a Tent Vendor for quite a few years before taking a permanent studio this past February. You can visit my shop on Facebook or at my Online Shopping Catalog. Catalog link on my sidebar. Here's the link to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SuesFiberFabricStudio/

Joanne said...

nifty totem sign. Looks clear to me - no veggies, plenty of fabric fun


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