Tank Tops and Flip Flops Top Fabric, Fiber and Quilt Tops

Featuring Patriotic Fabric, Quilts, Jewelry and Tunics on July 1st at The First Saturday Event may not have been as timely as I anticipated.  Even with Saturday as the beginning of a long Fourth of July Weekend, folks either already had their 'Fourth' gear, have been saturated for months with Big Box Stores Red White and Blue Bargins or simply out of the 'Patriotic Mood'.  Can't say I blame them with all that is going on in Uncle Sam's Houses.
There is quite a difference in stocking a Quilt/Fabric Shop as opposed to a Fabric/Fiber Studio.  First there is the space difference and secondly, folks are 'Quick Pick Shoppers' in Studio/Vendor shops.  If they are Fabric or Yarn Crafters, they are more likely to pick up a Coordinated Bundle of Fabric or a Yarn Kit rather than a bolt of yardage or individual skeins of yarn.  So, I am learning and adjusting my marketing strategies. 
Then there is the 'Dog Days of Summer Sales'.  Yep, when it's 90 to 100+ degrees it's hard to think about quilting, knitting, crocheting or much of anything that requires more than a tank top, shorts and flip flops. 
Next year's 4th of July Feature!!!
Welcome July!!!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like those fussy cut star blocks. Yes, many of us are fed up with all forms of Gov't at the moment. Illinois hasn't had a budget for 3 years, and, the head of the state senate doesn't seem to care, and blames the governor, who was only elected a year after no budget. I'd like to get rid of ALL politicians, and our country would be a much nicer place.

Joanne said...

Happy 4th of July. I like all of your red, white, and blue but yes you probably need to market them around Memorial Day as prep for July. Live and learn. No matter what the heck is going on in DC, folks still love the flag and Uncle Sam. Take care!!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Gee when I grew up flip flops was called thongs. Still enjoy the 4th.
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