July Flag Flashback

While searching photo files for Red White and Blue's, this 'Flag Pin' surfaced.   I wear it every July.  As a matter of fact, I wore it day before yesterday...July 1st...for First Saturday at The Chicken Farm.  It was pinned on one of my Patriotic shirts...of course.

The thing that caught my eye on this pinning was the strap it was pinned on.  It was a flashback to last years July when this apron strap hung around my neck for the last time. 

Yes, it has been one year and one week that my Hancock Fabrics Apron was retired to the Apron Collection. 

In the year since the closing and loss of my job as 'Supervisor Sue', I often think of and miss my co-workers, the customers and my special section of fabrics everyone called 'Sue's Cotton Patch'.  Most likely, I'd still be working there had they not closed...but then I wouldn't be doing this.....

So, from Me and Modella....Happy Fourth of July 2017!!


  1. Everything happens for a reason. You were meant to step out with Modella and share your fabric art with the world. Wave that flag!

    1. I agree and so does Modella. We are having fun with Fabric and Fiber. Plus she loves showing off her Flurries and Ruffles!

  2. So, a new fabric shop? Fun! Well, I always think it would be fun to have a book shop, a wool shop, a coffee shop, or such. Wait. Then I'd have to go there every day, wouldn't I? You're amazing Sue!


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