Scrambled Rick Rack...What a Sew View!

My collection of Bias Tape, Rick Rack and a variety of other trims was once neatly wrapped, packaged and organized by color, size, and type...like seam tape, lace tape, double fold, single fold, etc. etc..

These days of 'Use It or Lose It' and 'Making It for Money', all that organization has flown the coop...so to speak.  Now all sizes, colors and types of tapes and trims are nesting in a basket. 

Not all separation/organization has been abandoned...Rick Racks have their own basket....

Now you have seen and heard it all...Scrambled Rick Rack.
But, you know what?!!! 
It works for me!
Here's a sneak peak of my New Line of Aprons!
So excited to Use It...not...Lose It
Un-Scramble Rick Rack!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yummy sewing themed fabrics! That apron will get snatched up quickly!

Joanne said...

instead of knick knack, paddy wack - you sing rick rack....
an apron?? very nice, but I guess I'd have to cook to need one. Maybe for my husband...? hmm, probably not his style. You might need to branch into the male BBQ version? Just a suggestion if you get bored!


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