Sewing Binge...A Matter of Necessity!

OverDoSue here.  Well, almost!  I caught myself just in the nick of time, and am patting myself on the back for working sewing smarter not harder. 

This last sewing binge was brought on by a trip to a 'Quilt Shop Hop Show'.  Although, I have been out of the 'Quilting Mode/Business' for quite some time and certainly have fabric to last forever, I am always ready to see what's new. 

Did I buy fabric?  Yes, one fat quarter!  Did I buy anything else?  Yes, an Apron Pattern!  And so began the sewing binge of  sewing theme aprons, quilting theme aprons, and gals gotta have aprons.  I think there are about a dozen done so far.  I hope to have a few more by the time they make their debut in my Shop on August 5th for First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center.

Speaking of chickens, I had to replenish my inventory of Chicken Theme Microwave Bowl Warmers.  Of course I couldn't just do Chicken Warmers...no...I needed to re-stock just about every themed group except Southwest.

So, out came the stack of 'kitchen' fabrics and batting for a Bowl Warmer Sewing Binge. 

Good thing they are quick and easy to make.  They are one of my best sellers at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Shop!  It seems everyone can relate to burning your fingers when taking a hot bowl from the microwave.  Love the phrase 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'.

Another thing folks relate to is shredded tissues in the bottom of your bag.  Somehow the cellophane wrapping just doesn't hold up to keys, pens, loose change and whatever else collects in one's purse.  Another 'Necessity Invention'.  Who knew these Tissue Packet Covers would fly off the shelf like they do.  Yep, it was the third sewing binge item made this past week.  Now, these are the quickest and easiest things I make...especially when assembly line cutting and stitching on the Serger.

Time to take a Sewing Binge Break...It's a Matter of Necessity!


  1. Busy, busy lady. Have fun at 1st Saturday. I'll be in TN, playing with vintage sewing machines (thinking of taking Betty Sue with me).

  2. Serger Sue sews up anything we could possibly need or not even know we need. Very nifty. I truly plan to trek someday to check out your spot. I might need a bowl warmer, and of course a male apron (when you make it - Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys theme....or at least football?) Hmmm.
    Have a great weekend and stay cool my friend


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