The Graduate and General Jones

AtoZ Challenge...Letter G's "fiction from forgotten fotos"

Father was just finishing his morning coffee and ranting over the headlines when I sat down for our ritual breakfast.  "Ridiculous", he shouted as he backhanded the offending headline...General Jones and Troops Prepare March on Washington

"What's that Father?" I asked, knowing full well what set him off. 

"Nothing to worry your pretty little head over, Georgina.  Just a bunch of trouble making women making fools of themselves over the absurd notion of women's right to vote. 

I'm ever so thankful you have such a sensible head on your shoulders and have chosen to study Art.  With your talent and cultural upbringing you will have no trouble marrying well."

"Yes, Father, of course.  Speaking of studies, I must be on my way.  I am running a bit late. Oh, and remember I will be away for the next two weeks on the Watercolor Retreat."

By then he had retrieved the slap-torn paper and was engrossed in an article announcing his Alma Mater Law School Graduation and it's first woman graduate who requested to remain anonymous until Commencement Ceremonies. 

"Ridiculous", he shouted again and threw down the paper as I quickly grabbed my hat and bag.  General Jones was adamant about being on time, and as the 'Legal Counsel' for 'The Suffrage Hike on DC', being late would not serve well for my position as her 'attache' to the Press.

 I met 'General Jones' at Mrs. Wilson's Capital Charity Ball.  As a wealthy Senator's wife, she was a sought after attendee at political fund raisers and socialite events.  Her involvement in the 'Suffrage Movement' and the little known fact that she held a Law Degree was the catalyst of our fast friendship.  She became my mentor and I...her right hand woman.

Two weeks later, that is where I found myself...right beside 'General Jones' in the 'Slammer' as the Washington Post headlines read.   Somehow, the DC police were not impressed with my Summa Cum Laude almost Law Degree, but were quite taken aback by my 'Headliner Last Name'.

I knew from all the clamor that Father had arrived....
"Yes, Sir, your daughter was arrested right along with the other 'Suffragette Demonstrators'.  Yes, Sir, on the steps of the Capitol Building.   No, Sir, she has not been arraigned or her name released to the Press."

"Here she is, Mr. Vice President!"
To be continued with Letter H...


  1. Hi Sue .. this is such an interesting series - and how brave .. taking off on a watercolour retreat to march for the Suffragettes ... Women's Rights took time and we still 'fight' for equality .. but one day we'll get there ..

    Love reading this and thinking round more of the march etc .. cheers Hilary

  2. Love this photo and how it inspired this story. Those were such exciting times, and probably quite frightening times as well. It must have been difficult for women to stand up when they knew they could be arrested for it.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2014

    What a wonderful idea, and story!
    Happy A-Z'ing :)

  4. Love it Sue. You should put these little tibits in a collection when the blog challenge is done.

  5. Great story! I love that you featured something about Women's Rights.

  6. More family awkwardness: all for a good cause this time! :-)


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