Mrs M's Mink and Mable's Perm Machine

AtoZ Challenge...Letter M's fiction from forgotten fotos

Her name was Maggie.  I'll never forget the day she bolted into my Beauty Parlor with two dead weasels draped around her neck and a towel wrapped around her head.

The driver gave her the all clear before she stepped out on the curb and dashed into my shop.  As soon as the door was pulled closed, she started giving orders to close the shades and lock the door...like SHE owned the place.

My girls jumped to it as if a machine gun was in Maggie's hand instead of her purse.  Satisfied the shop was locked down and the threat of becoming the Chicago Tribune's next days headline, Mrs. 'M' jerked off the turbaned towel and began to wail, "Just look at my hair!!!  That Butcher Beauty Operator has ruined it."

You could hear the 'GASP' of all three of us Beauty Operators as we stood in the semi-darkened, locked, beauty shop in a stunned state as we stared at her neon orange stripped and spiked head of hair.  I quickly slipped the scissors I was holding in my pocket.

By now, she was in a state of sobbing snot and smeared mascara.  With all the compassion and care I could muster, I slipped the 'Mobster Mink' from her shoulders and seated her in a chair facing away from the mirrored wall.  Then assured her we could restore her color and fix the 'Butchers Botched Bob'.

Soon the flaming stripes were covered with 'Mary T Goldman's Hair Restorer' and Maggie's botched bob was clipped and layered for the latest  and stylish 'Wave'.  "Now, Mrs. 'M' the very best thing for your new style is a perm, I said as I guided her over to the 'Perm Machine'.
"I don't know Mable, it looks kinda scary".  You sure it's safe? 
One threat of electrocution in the family these days is enough."


  1. Mobster's mink! That was a giggle! The perming machine does look frightful!!

  2. A hair disaster definitely calls for quick action. If that happened to me, I'd be taking hostages too!

  3. I'm wondering if the combination of all that chemical color messing around and that odd looking machine might be, gasp, baldness. I hope not as those Beauty Operators might be in for some cement galoshes.
    Liz at Bead Contagion

  4. This was great. The woman had her priorities I guess, lol.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  5. Boy, do I understand her pain. When I moved here, I took the 'recipe' for my hair color to a new stylist. That stylist said that it couldn't be done like that. I phoned my stylist in Tulsa, and, the two talked about my hair and why it had to be done that way. The new stylist assured me she would make my hair great. When I finally saw my hair (can't wear glasses while your hair is being done, so, you don't have a clue what it going on) my hair was BURGUNDY! OH MY!!! I was so stunned that I just paid and ran out the door (shouldn't have paid, but, I didn't think of that until long after I left). New friends quickly found me a great stylist that I still go to, over 10 years later. Funny, I was telling that story earlier today, when someone asked if my hair was 'natural' in color.

  6. Hi Sue .. you've certainly enticed with hair and clothes of those days gone by ... I thought the perm machine was her new style?!

    I'm so glad I don't have to worry in that direction .. but Mrs M - well she was desperate for reparation ..

    Fun read - cheers Hilary

  7. LOL.....loved it. The machine is a sight. No way would I sit under that thing. I had my hair turn orange once years ago...thank you sister-in-law, who had been doing her hair successfully for years. Hello wig
    Traveling Suitcase A-Z



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