Is It String Theory or Just Junk In Jars?

It has only been in the last few years I have learned about 'String Theory'...at least on a scientific physics kind of level.

Before I go any further with this string line of thought, I'm saying right here from the get go that...

...this theoretical framework in which the particle points made are purely hypothetical by any standard mathematical model that describes all fundamental forces for a 'Theory of Everything', and  as a spatial dimensional being with a quantum cerebral cortex, I disavow any responsibility for what any reader (Big Bang Theorist or Not) may or may not conclude.  Whew!

As you may have guessed, this 'String Theory' post has been inspired by someone's ingenious semi-vacuum sealed storage of string balls.  Discovered in a shop that defies all the laws of physics and gives new meaning to Recycle and Trash to Treasures, this collection of 'Junk in Jars'  confirmed the theoretical quote....'Great minds think alike'....BANG!!!  Yep, I've been storing 'Junk in Jars' for years!
Is it String Theory or Just Junk In Jars?
What say you?


  1. that's like finding out my household goods are now selling for big bucks because they are antiques or vintage. makes me feel old.

  2. For a moment, I thought Dr. Sheldon Cooper or Leonard Hofstadter had hijacked your blog.

    Yes, now carefully selected, junk in jars is art. On the mantle at my lake house, I have a jar of old bobbers and a jar of rope. My sister has a jar of our grandmother's individual jello molds. Yep, junk in jars!

  3. LOL! I was thinking what Wendy was thinking! HaHaHa! Love that jar of yarn. I am addicted to little covered boxes and recently found a Princess House clear heart shaped box in my garage! I am going to fill it with some vintage buttons I won a while back! I use to reuse prescription bottles for little things like paper clips and pennies. Then my friend told me her church collects them to use for medicine in Sri Lanka so since that time I have saved those for her, and it is a nice feeling helping someone else with such a small thing! I am trying to downsize and not with much success! HeeHee!


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