Is It Randomness or Purposefulness?

Join me in a post of randomness.  I seldom do this as it goes against my OOPS...Over Organizer Personality Sensibility.  See, I can't even begin this randomness without getting it organized, named and established as a 'Real Thingy'.  Okay...I'm done with that...for now. 

I shot this photo a month or so ago.  I was so taken with the mixture of plants I don't think I even noticed the numbers until the group of pictures were downloaded.  So here's my first reaction to Randomness....random mixture of plants.  It does appear that a big pot was randomly filled with a random mix of plants with no thought to color, textures size etc. etc. and the numbers stake haphazardly stuck in the mix because....well, just because.  Can I accept that?  Usually not, but for now I won't OOPS it to death.  I will say, however, that it is a nice group of pleasing textures, good color selections and that 'Numbers Stake' is pitched at the perfect angle for a OOPS persons photo shot!  I'm really proud of myself for being able to not OOPS it to death....yes, I could have said more.

Then there's 'The Big Picture'!!!!
Surely, I noticed the numbers when I backed off the ZoomZoomZoom!
But maybe not, since I was being rushed a bit to get out of the heat and inside the shop where so much more 'Randomness' awaited for this OOPS person to make sense of. 
Have you ever been challenged to make sense out of what appears to be thrown together, stacked in disarray, sorted, stored and stuffed with random abandonment in places that don't jive?   It was a nightmare and a dream come true all put together by someone you would think didn't have a clue about the Rules of Composition and absolutely no Sense of Purpose! 
Junkology....a shop of Purposeful Randomness!
Look!!! I think they are Kinfolk!
I've spent so much time researching and writing about my Georgia Ancestors these days, that I am constantly looking for and photographing 'Scenes and Memorabilia' that relate to their places and time in history.  This handsome couple will most likely appear as relatives on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors sometime soon...but not with 'Random' abandonment!
It has been and continues to be an exercise that fits my Over Organized Personality perfectly!
Here are the Links to the latest posts about my
3x Great Uncles....Sons of John Ichabod and Lucy Eunice.
PS...I think Over Organized Personality Sensibility  is inherited....all those Johns, all those Baptist, and all those kids.
PPS....Junkology is a shop in New Braunfels, Texas.  Don't miss it if you are ever there and need a HUGE FIX of Random Purposefulness!!!


  1. Now that's quite a shop-of course I would be looking in every nook and cranny. I have a measure of obsessive organization myself. I love how you tied this into your ancestors---very interesting.

  2. Hi Sue! I have really missed you! Good to see you here and I love this shop! Plus you are such a great historian filling in all those blanks with your phamily! My hubby has his history from his dad's side. If we ever get that garage emptied out! Ugh! This summer heat has been unbearable! But I will whine in the cold and snowy winter too! I want to go shop with you at this cool shop! Have a great weekend! Hugs Anne

  3. Hi Sue .. love the word junkology - and I suspect your feelings are like my brain - it 'sees' something and relates to that, then of course underneath more radial links are sent out ... so we have a muddled whole - it gels quite well so often.

    Love the colours in your photo of the plants .. and researching your ancestors is proving invaluable to future generations ..

    Enjoy -Hilary

  4. Hey Sue, thanks for the great smile on my face while reading your random, on purpose, post. I admire your basic sense of order but I am more likely to be random in so many ways. But not on purpose. HA! However, I am very neat. My household cleaning jumps all over the place because I am so easily distracted. If I see something our of order,I immediately stop everything and fix it.Then...Oh yeah, I was making the bed. I would probably drive you nuts. Beverly will attest to that fact.

    I loved your pics. Especially the shop that was such an interesting mess.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. I enjoyed this post! Lovely flowers, and, boy, would I have wanted to arrange things my way in that shop.

    Kathy M.

  6. I have been known to look at a picture and think...do I know who that is? of course not but genealogy is so consuming (in a good way)
    We have our reunion next week and am so excited..my cousin from Texas is doing a book signing, we are having a workshop day and end with our reunion sunday at my Grandmothers church.

  7. I've taken to writing on he back of photos who the folks are; it's the only way future generations will know because my memory is quickly fading.


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