Why I Have Not SewBlogged

It's because I'm NOT Sewing. Haven't sewn since March.
 Probably won't sew again until....
....the urge hits me or....
I run out of Georgia Ancestors.
Have I given up my lifelong craft and the one thing that I can always count on to provide me with hours...no days, weeks, and months of creative and productive use of time?  NO...Not Now...Not Evvveer!!! 
Do I still keep up with and visit my Sewing Blogging Friends?  YES...Of Course...Always! 
Do they think I've fallen into my bottomless Scrap Box?  Probably...Most likely...For Sure!
I must admit to being a 'Lurker' and 'No Commenter' more often than not on the blogs of my Sewing Friends. 
I imagine some of them are doing the same here on CollectInTexas Gal. 
I hope Sew!  


  1. maybe it's something in the water; I've not been blogging as much lately. heck, it's all I can do to finish my chores and take pain meds.

  2. We've been traveling and helping son move into a new house. Haven't blogged in ages but hoping I can get back to blogging soon. My embroidery machine was neglected during our extended vacation but I did manage to make a couple of baby quilts. Maybe I'll post photos of them!

  3. Sometimes you have to take a break from things in order to get re-inspired. Yes, I'm reading your posts. I've been behind a bit lately, so, I've not been commenting much, either.

  4. I always try to comment. It is just my style.But often I stay too long and miss other blogs. Eventually I attempt to make more rounds. It is just plain fun so it doe snot matter how long I visit. Thanks for the great post!


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